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Nice Cats in MN

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Situation: A group of three of us went out last night (Shamu, KJR and Larry), 2 nice size cats caught by Shamu. Fellow BOC member, and Kjr manning the net on the big one.
Weather: Rain was in forcast but system split west of cities and so was very lite drizzel for 20 mn at 1900 cleared to partly cloudy about 65 F as evening continued.
Visual Conditions:Partly cloudy with full moon.

River: Level Low... Water Temp 68F.... Depth 3-6 ft

Fish: First One: 35in 23lb Flathead. Caught right before 10pm on 4-6inch live sucker. Nibbled a bit then moved on like a train.

Fish: Second one: 10lb Channel 4-6inch live sucker. Caught at Midnight. Hit and started jumping like a bass.

Great night for Shamu!!!! First Flatty landed over 20 lb. did loose one once that looked to be bigger. First Channel

Way to Go Scotty!!!!! Kris its your turn next time!!!!
Pics to follow by Shamu
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WTG on the cats, I am glad somebody is catching them!
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