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Nice buck I caught the other day

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This is him a while back

this is him now

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looks like a nice one for sure thanks for sharing cant wait till bow opens here
Nice One. Almost time in the upstate, S.C. September 15th. Bowseason
nice pic i hope you get a shot at him that would be a nice trohpy
Thats a nice looking buck. Have you had any problems with your Moultrie cam? I had one of those and tried and tried to get them to fix the lines through the pictures before i took it back to walmart. I ended up building my own camera.
Very nice Buck!! Where are you hunting at??....Just kidding hope you get a shot at him. ;)
Nice buck, now I really gotta get out for the archery season.
Looks like you got a big boy running around there.There is one around where i plan on hunting this year about the same size as that one.Hope you get a shot on him.Good luck.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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