Nice blue catfish on the Ohio River last weekend

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    Me and my buddy got our hands on some shad last friday. So on sat. morning we went out to my uncle's dock on the river (clark county area) and cut up some of that shad to use for bait. I was using the mid section of a 6 or 7 inch shad on my first cast at about 9:15 a.m. and in only 10 or 15 min. the bait clicker on my 7000 C3 started goin crazy. I set the hook on what felt like a monster, and brought in a new personal record. It was a 23lb. 4oz. Bluecat. Which beats the hell out of my old record of 9lbs. Anyone else doin any good on the ohio river this year?
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    craig you need to change your profile info to reflect a larger fish've earned that rite lol and yeah we my brother and i have slayed them all year up and down the ohio banks from aroura south to hanover beach both sides of the ohio are great cut shad ,cut bluegill ,and even cut carp the blues we, caught have been anywhere from 3# to 60# the channels 1.5# to 20# and weve even caught a few flatheads 5# to 20# they are there you just have to fish for them of course it maybe easier for us we do fish from the boats but here latly you have been able to reach them from the shore . good luck catch some bigguns

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    your first name
    Congrats on your new personal best. Havent hit the river yet this year but if I get to it will have to be from the bank. Hoping to hit the Salt and Ohio River in the next week or two.