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Newsflash - Airbus with wheels turned sideways

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A JetBlue airliner with landing gear problems circled the Los Angeles area. Took of from Burbank Airport headed for JFK when the landing gear problem was discovered.
They are going to try to make an emergancy crash landing at LAX.

Lets keep the people on this plane in our prayers for a safe landing.
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Plane landed without incedent.

Thank you Jesus
excellent job by the pilot
Hope that wasn't Jetdriver, he a pilot for Jet Blue.

Whoever it was, what a GREAT job they did. It was beautiful (watching from this safe distance).
I watched it last nite, I know planes have barf bags, that one needed to pass out Depends.

I can not imagine how stressfull it was on those folks, riding around in circles for 3 hours to burn up the fuel in preperation for the crash landing. That would really be stressfull.
just gotta say this---- I clicked on "New Posts" and the thread I saw was, " Newsflash - Airbus with wheels turned sideways"

the last post: "OhNO!"

LMAO.... it just struck me funny the way it looked on the New Postts page.

Thank goodnesss theyre safe and it wasnt a real "oh no!"

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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