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news from pool 13

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I have been fishing off the bank in pool 13 having good luck on night crawlers and stink bait. I have been catching 2-3 pounders every time i go just thought I would share the news
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yesterday had a riot. caught 34 channels on stinkbait.. nothing real big at all , but know we lost some... waitin to see what the weather is doing here today before goin out.
yeah, today i am gonna brush my cat-boat into my duck-boat. past two years have been down at odessa... dont know if im gonna take it this year or just hunt princeton ir the miss.... i try to hunt a lot of ducks, but have never hunted geese in a field, but would love to. i have been in (s.e.) N. Dakota for the last week. not so good... locals all said the northerns havent shown up yet.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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