Newburgh 10/21

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    Went out pretty early this morning targeting saug's, stripers and cats. Fished for the cats first and only one fish in 2 hours. 9# blue. Hit the hump for stripers and caught 2 good fish. Then went back in the cove on the kentucky side. Dropped vertical lines over some cover using jigs and minnows. Pulled out 8 saug's. My fish finder was just loaded up with fish. While I was waiting on the saug's I caught a couple small skips. From the way the fish finder looked and the number of people standing on the dam catching fish it looks like the skips and saug's might of actually moved up finally. First 2 gates were wide open. Rest were cracked so the current was great. I really wish I would of taken a picture of all the archs on my fish finder. It was crazy!