Newbie to stink/dip bait

Discussion in 'Homemade baits' started by Shinchan, May 28, 2007.

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    Aloha! After reading the virtues of stinkbait on this site, I decided to try and make my own from the local fish around here. So basically you just catch your bait fish, chop it up fine, put it in a jar, and leave it in the sun for a few days until it rots (?). Is that about right? What kind of sponge should I use or does it make a difference? Can I use it with a set rig or is it just for slip floaters? Also, are there any "homemade" tube rigs that I can make? Thanks for all your help.
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    Randy, 3:46 in the morning and you want to talk about stink bait? I don't remember very many places in Hawaii where you need stink bait but I might have missed a spot or two. PM me and i'll send you a few stink bait worms. Go to the Homemade bait section of the BOC and you'll find bucoo of recipes.
    You basicaly got the idea tho--ground up bait fish-cheese-garlic powder-and just about anything else you got. Old thick Poi aught to work in it..Aloha;
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