Newbie...Keeping bait off the bottom in heavy current

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by greengoblin, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. greengoblin

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    What rigging options are out there for keeping the bait 6" to 12" off the bottom in heavy river current. I usually need to keep about 3 to 4 oz to keep the bait in position. My thinking is that the current is keeping the bait at the very bottom, and I believe that if it was kept at a little higher presentation level that would be better.

    Or, is it that 24" of lead between the slip sinkers and bait allow the bait to float in the range that I suggested, and the heavy current isnt keeping the bait as low as I think.

    Btw, I am bank fishing. Thanks for any advice in advance. If my questions need clarifying let me know.

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Get a pin float big enough to susspend your bait. Channels will hit the bait much easier because of the overbite design of the mouth. Put it on the leader about 4 inches back from the hook.

  3. NJ CLAD

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    That is the perfect answer!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Snagged2

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    Rig your stuff, and set it into the water/current, and Look at it.. what it's doing in shallow current, it's doing deeper,, or close..

    I use about 18" of weight leader and about 12" of hook line exposed, and it sails out there pretty nicely in the current I fish.. if the grass is real high, i use a longer weight leader. and, raise the bait presentation accordingly..
    I also, usually fish fairly clear water in the river .. lakes, I rig a little tighter, or use a float..
  5. CJ21

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    I would use a 2 to 3 oz slip float rig in heavy current, you might get can back with a 1 oz slip float rig.
  6. lookin_4_moby

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    you have a several different ways you could do it. if you're running a slip rig try feeding a few more inches of line out the current will pick it up off of the bottom or you could try runnin a three way rig tie your weight at the bottom and then come up your line say a foot and a half and time a loop in your line to attach your leader and hook. this will keep it at whatever depth you set it at. hope i could help
  7. ccat

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    I normally put the cork/cigar float about 4 inches above the hook/bait.
    Most of the time, my sinker is above the hook and above a swivel. You might try attaching the hook and cork on the main line above the sinker, with the sinker at the end of the line...........OR, you could even use the 3-way swivel like you might with a drift rig and have a cork on the hook line.
    good luck
  8. CatHunterSteve

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    Good question Doug. Both of these methods work well and channels do not seem to be bothered by the slip cork about 4" above the hook on that longer leader. The 3 way swivel with the weight below your hook and leader allows you to adjust the depth of your bait according to the length of the leader below the hook and leader. Welcome to the BOC!