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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by ffbattousai06, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. ffbattousai06

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    hey guy. I just began catfishing two weeks ago and I love it. I havn't caught anything yet, but have had bites. How should i rig my line. I rig mine dropshot style with two hooks 12 inches apart. I use hotdogs,liver, and anchovies. I usually fish from 9 to 1am. does the moon phases affect the fish. CAN U GUYS TELL ME WHAT I AM DOING WRONG.IMPROVEMENTS?
    p.s. I live in Northern california. the catfish are not huge, 0-20lbs.thanks
  2. Gone fishin 4 kittys

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    Pittsburgh, PA
    It sounds like you do everything right.

    IMO I don't like the dropper rig. One hook is good enough for anyone. The baits you are using are ok for channels.

    I'm 99.9% that you have all 3 species of catfish there. I think that NC has some good waters in it. Not the catfish capital of the world but good still the same.

    Flatheads and Blue will go over 100lbs but it rare. Channel rarely go over 30 but the record is 58lbs.

    Flatheads eat other living fish or recently killed, You won't catch them on liver and hot dogs.

    Channels will eat most anything. They'll eat liver and steak but would rather have liver. the baits you mention are good. Check your local regs but I think you guys can use a cast net. If you can find some shad then you have one awesome bait!

    Flatheads like live bait and cut bait. Cut shad/skipjack live bluegill and cut bluegill aren't bad either.

    Someone can help you with blues, We don't have up here in PA.

    Good Luck on the water.


  3. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    What Josh said is correct.
    Not knowing what area of water you fish is making it harder to help. I would contact a local bait shop in that area and ask them what waters have been good for catfish. Their livelyhood depends on you being happy, so they usually will try to help you catch what your looking for. Being new to catfishing, don't get caught up in the "must have" toys that you hear alot about here and elsewhere. Most are either not needed or are refinments to what we already have. Believe me, if you get hooked on catfishing, you will end up buying "toys". Until you really get into it, any rod and reel will get you started. Time will teach you when and what to get later. First off, you got to start catching the catfish.
    As Josh said, Flatheads are almost entirely live bait eaters, but sometimes, if the bait is fresh, you can catch them on cut bait. Bluegill and goldfish are good choices, if legal in your state. Insert the hook through their eyes if fishing current. If fishing in still water, hook them through the tail section. If fishing deep below a boat for instance, you can hook them just under the top fin on their backs. Large nightcrawlers are also a good choice.
    Channels will eat darn near anything, the smelly concoctions you will find in commercial bait is aimed at them. Worms and chicken liver are popular choices as well.
    Blues are sort of in between. They like both live and cut bait, but do not tend to prefer stink baits. Fresh caught shad is what they want all the time, but will eat cut shad or herring. Any bait that is oily and protein based is fine.
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    North carolina
    baits sound good for channel cats, but try rigging your line up as a carolina rig. its a good rig for any fishing situation, also get your self a cast net and try to catch some shad, bream or bluegill (check your states regulations on what has to be caught on hook and line). fish will hit these easier cuz they are used to eating them in the area, but if you just want some eater sized fish you cant go wrong with chicken liver or shirmp, and the most productive times to fish are between sun down and sun up, with most of the bite being just around sun down and up. hope this helped
  5. pursuing_cats

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    I suggest you look in the library for the info on the proper rig. You will also find all sorts of information from rod holder building and bait types to just about anything else you would need for catching catfish. Good Luck.
  6. CJ21

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    Montgomery, Alabama
    Welcome, to the Boc, I think u is fishing em right. U will catch one after while.
  7. tatersalad

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    Clover, SC
    Understand what you are going through. You might, after checking your state regs, want to try cut bait. I never caught anything with the stink bait stuff, but since switching to cut bait am catching fish pretty regularly.

    Keep on fishin', tatersalad
  8. teaysvalleyguy

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    GC, OHIO
    Welcome to the BOC, these guys have gave you some great info.
  9. Cherokee

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    Welcome to the BOC.
  10. tncatfishing

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    clk. tn
    Welcome aboard. Try using live bait, large minnows, big goldfish, shad, bluegill, etc. Also use them as cutbait. Also try using a 3 way swivel.
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    i can't add anything ,but Welcome to the BOC, RON
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    Northern California
    Just thought I would say welcome to the BOC! I fish with a slider and ond a single hook. I am catching them on anchovies on a regular basis with some caught on crawlers and majic bait.
  13. Itch2Scratch

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    Ivy Bend on LOZ, Missouri
    Ron, sounds like you have been given some good info here. The only thing I might add is to monitor your states forum "California Catfishing" and ask questions there also. Nothing beats good local info for what works in your area/waters.:wink:
  14. bigmike

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    Welcome aboard our new brother. My suggestion is keep on fishing. Some say the moon phases affect it wind conditions, or heat, I say drop a line in whenever you can. Here is my suggestion though try different baits like crawlers, minnows, crawdads, just keep experimenting and try different locations holes, eddies, brush piles - things they can hide in. The longer you fish the more you think you know but they keep on suprising you, just keep at it.
  15. Ahquabi_Master

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    You've got a ton of good info right in front of you. The bait that i've been falling back on if nothing else is hitting is dip bait with the tubes and the sponge at the end. They'll hit that if they're not hitting anything else for me at least. I use a slip sinker with a barrel swivel. From the swivel i have about an 8-10 inch leader and if im not using the dipbait tube ill tie a kahle hook and use stuff like shrimp, cut carp, live or cut bream, and whatever seems good. Move around if you don't get bites too often and find a good hole. I'm sure theres big ones out there waiting for some of your bait. Welcome to the BOC!
  16. loki1982

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    And dont get discouraged. The summer heat causes fish to be hard to find alot of times. The last 5 of so trips I havnt caught much of anything on rod and reel, a few on jugs is about all ive caught latly. In about 2-3 months some of the best fishing will come around.
  17. vswanson

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    Has anyone every heard of a recipe for stink bait using minnows????:confused2:
  18. gadzooks

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    Kingwood, Tx (Houston)
    Ron, I just started fishing for catfish last year, got into it when they wouldn't leave may bluegill bait alone, kept going after those meal worms. Started using frozen shrimp from Wal Mart for bait, did well, but since have gotten a cast net. These guys are spot on about using natural baits like 'gills and shad. For your area, talk to some of the guys at the bait shops and boat ramps. I sorta eavesdrop and if I hear someone talking catfishing and the opportunity comes about, I ask questions.
  19. buddah

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    Pennsylvania Wi
    Thats terrific! I'm glad you love it! I like the three-way swivel rig. I'm by no means a pro catfisherman but it works for me. Of course we don't have the huge flathead cats up this way either. If we did I would probably use those looper rigs! You oughta check them out! Good luck to ya!
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    Ron welcome to the boc. There isn't a wrong way to catfish some ways are just alitle more productive but it's al fun.