New Year's Resolution

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    I'm not trying to skip Christmas but I thought It might be a good time to think about what you are going to do about making next year, (Lord willing), better than this one.

    I have a lot of very personal ones but a couple that I don't mind sharing, namely stopping bigotry and increasing compassion. I get to noticing that a lot of the kids nowdays aren't very respectful, couteous, helpful, or even very caring, my own kids included. I remember that things were different when I was young and what would have happened if I acted the way I see some act now. I start putting the blame on them, when in all reality a lot of the fault belongs to me. If I had spent more time or had more consideration for their needs then maybe things wouldn't be as they are. I start remembering that as much as I respect my parents, that we were taught some terrible things along with all the great things and I feel that I might have kept it going in various ways by not breaking the chain. when you say anything out of line and your kids hear it you might be surprized how loud they hear it. As far as I know, I didn't fit the bill for the bona fide white supremacist. I had some black friends and we got along okay, but when I quit generalizing and come face to face with the hard facts, I WAS a bigot. I thought about the term friend and then faced reality when I remembered that I never asked a black friend over to spend the night and remember thinking what I would do if a black guy asked my sister out. It was known in clear terms that I could have black friends but to NOT bring them home. I learned how wrong that was before growing up but I'm sure some of it carried through. I tried not to teach things like that to my kids but sometimes when they say things that are really hurtful, I am ashamed. I feel like I failed in rearing them. My wife at the time was raised in a similar if not worse enviorment and that didn't help. I want to concentrate on fixing the things that I failed at and knowing in my heart that the God that made me, made my black brethren and he has the same love for them. For all my previous unacceptable behavior, I apologize.

    Another shortfall I have is failing to be the hands and feet of the Jesus that I love. I've always tried to help when I felt it was needed and never asked or wanted thanks, but when I get to thinking about my helping it was pretty limited. I've mowed yards, but not stopped to spend some quality time with some elderly people. I've helped with farming, auto repair, ranching, and all sorts of odds and ends, but when I think of the time I've wasted when I could have done things that really matter such as visiting in the nursing homes, sharing my excess with someone in need, and when I see a real need; doing something instead of wishing it will get better. Isn't it great to know that my actions are not judged in comparison with the unconditional love, mercy, and compassion, that is shown to me by my Lord and Savior, that loved ME enough to die on a cross, and is risen to guide my path.
    Love To All, Randy
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    I dont know if id call this a new year resolution, but i sure hope to be ever more useful to the Lord in this His kingdom. I feel like i need to spend even more time spreading the Gospel about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I also believe i can spend more time reaching out to those so called lost cause people. I can certainly remember when i was a lost cause. But somebody took the time to talk with me, pray for me, refuse to give up on me, and trusted God on my behalf. I feel like i let myself get overwhelmed when people dont take immediate heed, and ive definatley got to work on that. Got to keep in mind that God gives the increase whenever/however He sees fit, which is best for all of us. So definately i know i have some areas in my(spiritual) walk to work on. And if the coming of the Lord is delayed, I will make more certain my calling and election by God, making myself a better and more dedicated witness for the Lord.