New Years Day

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    I took a ride down the road to Crystal Lake. I'd just about had all the cabin fever I could take. I had ideas of fishing from the fishing dock but when I arrived I realized the whole lake at that end was frozen over. I walked out onto the dock and it didn't move an inch. I spent a minute or two watching a goose trying to ice skate and do a running commentory to his buddies on the shore.
    I drove down to the other end of the lake where the stream runs into it and luckily it was unfrozen. First day of the year and I had the whole lake to myself. I wasn't expecting to get anything but just being there after being stuck in the house for two weeks was enough. I took out my hip flask and toasted the lake. Just as I took the swig I looked up and an eagle was directly above me. It seemed almost spiritual. Cabin fever cured.
    I had something playing with the bait at one point but didn't get a definite bite. I did see lots of small bream in the feeder. Hopefully when the weather has settled down a bit I can get some serious fishing in, but we had another three inches of snow last night so I'm not sure when that will be.