New Years day on Murray

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    I hit the water at 9:30 this morning (waited for it to warm up some) and fished till dark. I ended up with 15 total, many in the 14 to 20 pound range. The largest was just a hair over 20 on my spring scale. I had 1 flathead (8lbs), 3 channels, and the rest blues. Most came out of 35 to 45 feet. I took a kid (well a kid to me - he's in his 20s) who had never drift fished. After he finally calmed down and quit jerking the rods, he caught 3, the largest 14lbs. He would have caught 5 or 6 more if he had calmed down sooner.

    The wind was stiff early on and made it hard to slow the drift enough. Later in the day it calmed down and the bite turned on. I caught most of my catch after 2:00. The kid with me kept a few for eaters, I didn't keep any. I noticed that the blue were very pale, almost white. I guess the color is due to the cold water.

    The shad were everyhere today, gulls diving like crazy. I saw a lot of striper fishermen working the breaks. When the bait was around me, the bite was on. I put out a down rod hoping for a stripe, but did not score one. I did have one good hit on the down rod, ran sideways so probably was a striper, but I lost it before I got a look.

    Oh, by the way, we fished with herring today, that's all George's bait had and I forgot my cast net. Oh yeah, I caught 2 on magic scrimps. The water is still very stained and about 50 degrees.

    I may go out again Saturday, somewhere.

    God Bless All,
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    Glad ya was able to go Steve. Thats a super nice catch.:wink:

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    Sounds like a good day on the water Steve,glad ya got out and enjoyed it and caught some nice fish,I wish I had went myself instead of staying home watching Football cause the Gamecocks sure didnt show up ready to play and got drubbed and then Clemson and Penn Sate lost,so everyone I was pulling for today got spanked.


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    it was cold out yesterday!! so i give ya big time props for going out and fishing in that was a bad day for all carolina fans. football was terrible..
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    Steve glad you had a great day on the water. It's tuff calmin us kiddies down sometime! We get all fired up!:wink:

    Hope the bite for ya is just as good Saturday, wherever you decide to go.

    Marty, pullin for clempsun and Carolina?:eek:oooh:

    I recommend a good Psychiatrist!:wink:

    Happy new year to all!!