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    Well the weather's gonna clear up one day soon, and some of us will bundle up and go when some would say it's to early, etc. However I believe since the fish don't know how cold we are then they probably aint too worried about it.
    Recognize the huge Flat, Blue or Channel that you are targeting does'nt know you, did'nt read a memo that you would be stopping by or realize it's almost close enough to good weather that some guys wound up at the bank throwing bait with two pair of long handles on and enough Carhartts to star a Big R store with.
    Truth be told that cat don't care if you're a business man or preacher man, teacher man or double feature man. he aint concerned with your politics, he don't know what you had for breakfast , and don't care.
    Axtually if they knew we were coming they would have boogied on to some other spot where no BOC bro's was drowning bait. lol

    They don't know when were coming , they don't care about the weather, they won't even know Brett Favre was traded from the packers. I think the early part of this year will produce some nice cats, the cold may stick in our bones for a minute but it also slows down their normal food chain. so well placed bait may trigger old Bobby Ray Flathead to the live well or stringer pretty quick. the Big boys rule the cold water!!

    I just wonder how many of yall will pay no heed of colder condtions to hunt the big monster?
    I'll fish in colder weather than many, but I always target some big logjam or rock outcropping and sit up upstream from it if possible.
    I prefer the big flatheads myself so i got several spots easy enough to approach, and close enough to the car if it just gets too cold.

    what has your experience been when and what conditions were your biggest catch?
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    The flat in my avitar was caught on a warm day in March . . I might trout fish early but usually rabbit hunt thru FEB.

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    Only fish I'll be catching most likely this sort of weather is in my dreams.I'm kind of like ole Kutter and cold weather.Just Hibernate till warm weather.hopefully weather will get better before end of Feb.Like to be able to do a bit of fishing least in Feb.Thats when our Lic. run out.