New X-Ray Fish finding Glasses!

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by jdstraka, Jul 7, 2006.

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    Hi Everybody! Hay found these new fish finding Glasses Down At Bass Pro.About Two weeks ago the wife was down at the gas station Putting gas in her car and left her sunglasses on top of the car and drove off forgeting about them. Now needless to say when she rememberd them and drove back to the station to see if she could find them they were gone. Go Figure! Anyway I said no Problem Bass pro has a nice selection of sunglasses we will just go down and look around(Don't just love it how I got her into Bass Pro,)We all KNOW the little Women carries the check Book!So She looks around and finds a pair she really likes and I buy them for her. Now there Plarized Triple UV protected and on and on.So Later on that week I am down at the fish and game Club here in council Bluffs Iowa taking the boat out (was drifting for Cats)And she comes down to visit me on the dock and was looking around and says Hay these Sunglasses are Really great I can see some big fish down here in the water. So I says right and she says No really Baby I can see these realy big fish down here in the water with these sunglasses on. So I go over and look I say I can't see anything. She says no Honey there really there. So I say ok and get a rod out of the boat and put a worm on I had been useing them to catch Bluegill for bait. And drops it off the end of the dock where she says the big fish are at and in about 30 seconds Whamo something takes the bait now it was raising cain and I say grab the net out of the boat and i Get it up and Net it and its a#8 pound carp. So she says I TOLD YOU THERE WAS BIG FISH DOWN THERE!!! She was right, So what do you Guys think?Have I stumbeled on to something with them sunglasses? The only Problem I can see is I have to teach the misses the differance between carp and Catfish. J.D.Straka AKA Bigcatman0816.:cool2: P.S. Now Just send me $50.00 Bucks and I'll Send you a Pair. L.O.L.
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    Yeah, the right sunglasses really can make a huge difference. But are you sure the reason you couldn't see the fish was actaully just the fact that you didn't have your eye glasses on? LMAO

    Just kidding, a lot of saltwater guys use them for sight seeing on the flats for Redfish and stuff, I used to have a pair of them and they do make a huge difference but you do have to have those special polerized ones.

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    dont know about x-ray :)

    but i got some polarized sun glasses and i can see way into the water.....

    so id imagine the more polarization the better u could see in the water.....

    but it does a extent
  4. teaysvalleyguy

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    Have never heard of that but I will take a leg up whenever on the water. Thanks for the info brother. Also, remember to never argue with the Mrs, she is always right. LMAO
  5. Ol Man

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    When I tried bowfishing I would wear them and they did make a difference but the water had to be a little clearer than most rivers I think.:big_smile:
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    They have been selling them for years for fishing.
    My first pair was from Bill Dance, and they really do work great!
    I think the main thing they do is remove the glare from the water.
    Also, some of the fishing kind have side lenses that filter out even more light.
    Work great in the day time but not so well for night catfishing.....
    And you don't look cool wearing shades at 2:00 a.m.
  7. laidbck111

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    I never wear sun glasses except when I fish. The polarized and uv protection do make a difference for site fishing.