new way to rig my flathead baits

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by daredevle, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. daredevle

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    hello brothers i have recently found out a new waay to rig up my blugills and other live baits for flats its called bunker rigging meant foe bunker for striper in the north what you do is get a big swviel and a big trebel hook depends on baut size but put treble hook on frist then put that part of swivil that snaps it place though the fishes nose close swivil and let the treble hook hang there just fish this way on bottom which ever way you want ive had great sucess using shiners for bass with this and the fish live twice as long compared to hooking any where else so try it out guys let me know how you do and if you already do this :wink::tounge_out:
  2. river scum

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    chris, i dont use trebles for flatheads but it sounds like a good rig for those who do. thanks for sharing bro.

  3. s_man

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    Sounds fine for smaller fish Chris, but once you get into the 30 lb and over class of fish they could easily pull thru the "snap" on any swivel. It might not happen the first few times, but one night you will hook something monstrous and it will pull that snap loose. If you are geared for heavy fish with 50 lb or heavier test, just tie up and hook a stationary object and pull. I'll bet the snap gives way before the line breaks. This defeats the purpose of using the heavy test line. If you want to continue to use the trebles just tie them directly and hook one prong into the bait, leaving the other two exposed. (preferably thru the nose)