New type tick bite

Discussion in 'LOCAL TENNESSEE TALK' started by FishMan, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. FishMan

    FishMan New Member

    several times this year I have pulled ticks off me as in years past but this year I get a bad reaction at the bite site, it will ich for days and I end up with a scabe that iches. never in years past has this happened.

    is this a new tick, anyone had this, maybe my system is different.

  2. craddock1

    craddock1 Active Member

    fishman i had the same problem when i started getting older. think the ticks are just getting meaner. a couple of years ago i found that if i put a band aid on the bite for a few days it will heal and not itch.

  3. Mutt

    Mutt Administrator Staff Member Supporting Member

    clean the bite with peroxide and then a little neosporin and a bandaid heals up fast.
  4. D.I.P.

    D.I.P. New Member

    I'm 17 And My Tick Bites Turn Red And Itch Really Bad But I Put Some Anti Itch Stuff On It And It Helps.
  5. field989

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    east central indiana
    my latest tick bites did that, but only in 2 places(out of about 5 or 6)

    and they itch, but all of the sites are on my right foot, cause thats where some of the ticks were,,

    i figured maybe the head of the tick broke off, but i know if a circular rash shows up it is lyme disease, but it said that usually the ticks have to stay attached from like 36-48 hours, i have never had a tick stay on for that long lol

    also there is a certain way i was told to take ticks out,

    you are supposted to find the way the tick is layin against your skin and grab it with tweasers(be carful to not squeaze them if they are full of blood cause it will shoot all that blood back into you raising your chances of getting somethin)and pull it out the opposite way the tick is layin,
    that what i was told
    hope this helps
    just my .02
  6. MRR

    MRR New Member

    those Darn Ticks Can Drive You Crazy. When I Get One It Is Usually Sore For Least A Month. Have Had Them Stay Raw Seems Like All Summer. Course I've Got A Bad Habit Of Digging At Them All The A Dof With Fleas. Scratch,stratch And Stratch. Hate The Dang Things. I Usually Put Insect Repeleant On Before I Go And That Seems To Help A Lot. Just Keep A Close Eye On Them ,don't Get Infection In Them..
  7. Spongiform

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    Ticks, chiggers and other biting insects can be a real pain. I've found the best treatment is either new skin or liquid benedryl. Chigarid works pretty good too but it's alot harder to find in stores.

    The biggest one to worry about is the deer tick. Those lilttle buggers are hard to see. I thought I had a big zit or ingrown hair on my leg a few years back and it turned out to be a deer tick! My leg was sore for a month after that.

    Lyme disease is a pretty serious affliction and can cause serious and permanent injury if not treated soon enough - heck it can kill you.

    My aunt has some relatively minor neurological problems from having lyme disease. Her feet and hands will sometimes tingle as if they they had fallen asleep - but for no real apparent reason.

    The only way to get rid of Lyme's Disease is by taking Antiobiotics and theres several that are commonly used.

    Honestly, it's alot cheaper to just buy the anti-biotics then to go take expensive testing - especially if your insurance sucks.

    If you're desperate, they're available online (for your pet fish *cough*)

  8. samh

    samh New Member

    The problem I have as I've got older and bigger, is there are a lot more places on me the little suckers can get that I can't see any more, so they end up on me longer than they used too, I think this make the bite worse.
  9. Little Mac

    Little Mac Well-Known Member

    NW Arkansa
    Danny, Ive noticed this too. I thought it might be a stronger type tick, we just cleared 5 acres and moved here and the ticks on the side of this mountain are alot meaner than the ones on top of the mountain. Gives me a big welp now. Maybe its a new Osama breed..... LOL Mac
  10. catface

    catface New Member

    Found a great way to get ticks off. Old boy form louisiana told me to use a cotton ball soaked in dish washing soap.cover the tick for about 15 mins
    and it wipes right off. Give it a try.Works for me
    God Bless
  11. 1sporticus

    1sporticus Active Member

    I have a friend who swears by windex with ammonia, for getting seed ticks off. He said he just sprays them real good, and then after a few minutes, wipes them off with a paper towel. I've never tried this, but he swears by it. When you get a tick buried in you, just put some vaseline on it, and wait a few minutes for it to back out, seems it cuts off the air supply.
    Later Andy
  12. catseeman

    catseeman New Member

    Indianapolis, Indiana
    I take a real hot shower when i get home from the woods . they back out or drown . If possable a few chickens running around the yard will clear them out.
  13. Tennfisher

    Tennfisher New Member

    Catface your suggestion of liquid soap for tick removal is the one I use, and I believe is far superior to anything else available.

  14. kccats

    kccats New Member

    Olathe, Kansas
    Fishman, your tolerance to differant things changes over the years.
    Things that you were allergic to young you may get over when your older, or you may start having an allergic reaction to things that did not bother you before.

    That is the case with me. The last 10 years or so, I have become more and more allergic to cotton wood trees when they are releaseing their seeds.
    I also no have a bad allergic reaction to flea bites and other insects including tick bites. Not so bad that I get sick, but the area swells up to a quarter sometimes and is much slower to heal, not to mention that it seems to itch twice as bad.

    According to my doctor, it is common and nothing to get excited about, just have to be more careful.