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    Hey guys, it's nice to finally be a part of the family. I've heard a lot about ya'll from my friend Chris(IrishO'Brady). He talks about how much he's grown and learned from listening to ya'lls advice. I'm hoping I will grow and gain some knowledge as well. Hopefully I can help out some of you later on. Well like I said it's great to finally be a part of the brotherhood.

    I'm sure ya'll already heard about mine and chris's last fishing trip.:lol: That was literally a trip. I had been catching some decent cats during the day, anywhere from 5-15 lbs. Chris wasn't catching much but that was because today he was waiting for the fish of a lifetime. Well around 1:00 things started to die down a little bit and Chris got kind of frustrated, it was kind of funny. But he cooled down and we just relaxed for a while. Instead of staying around the channel and getting sucked in we just went out about 150 yards. We sat there for a while, it was almost like we were anchored down, we weren't moving at all. Then at around 3:00 BOOM!!!, my pole went down to the water and my spool started letting out line on close to maximum drag. About 5 min. later I pulled in about a 35 lb.:eek:oooh: blue catfish, my personal best. I would have never expected to go from 15 lbs. to 35 lbs. in about 3 weeks, but I owe it all to Chris for teaching me how to catfish, it was awesome. Man I was extremely happy so I just relaxed for a while. Chris said "I think this is the magic hour" and he was right. About 30 min. later we were just sitting doing the same thing and all of a sudden I heard Chris holler. I could tell this was something good so I quickly reeled up my line and went to help. Chris's catfish stick was bent all the way to the water and his calcutta 700 reel was peeling out line on maximum drag. We had no idea what was at the end of the line. About 10 min. later Chris pulled in the most massive catfish I have ever seen, I lipped him and got him in the boat. We were both going crazy, Chris was in a daze and now he had a new personal best as well around 60 lbs.:eek:oooh: I told Chris all day long, "if you believe you will receive" and sure enough he received a HUGE catfish. Of course we took a bunch of pictures, oh and for the record Chris's catfish was about double the size of the cat that I caught. But that was an amazing day for both of us, we both got a new PB and we went home very happy. Chris's theory about the "isolated giants" proved to be correct.
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