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  1. loanwizard

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    With the explosive growth of the BOC, sometimes I miss a post saying hi so I thought I'd dedicate a thread to it.

    Welcome to the BOC! We are glad to have you. Here at the Brotherhood we encourage you, whatever your favorite style of fishing, to be a sportman and do the best you can do to keep your avocation in a positive light by obeying your local regulations and cleaning up after yourself, basically following the Golden Rule.

    If you stay here, you'll find out that this place can be addictive. We, at least I have developed lifelong friendships here with several people that I have either NEVER met, or only once. This site is a site full of interpersonal relationships. We have a friends network where you can build a network of your peeps. Click on a Name and there is a click through to add someone as a contact.

    In the upper right corner of a post are to click throughs. The left one is a place where you can reward a member for a good post by giving the reputation points and leave them a short note (no the points are not redeemable in cash :wink: ). The red click through is where you turn in inappropriate material. This is a family site. Speaking of inappropriate we have two opt in area called High Intensity, and a religious section. These are areas where you can speak on "taboo" subject matter.

    If you want to get a real feel of the comraderie of the men and women of this site, be sure to read the testamonial section. This site has changed the lives of many people here.

    As far as information on catfishing, there simply is not a better place either on or off the net. Check out the member library and the article section.

    When I first joined, I fished with chicken liver and a 3 lb fish was a great fish on a zebco 33. 1 month after joining I caught a 6lb channel on a live goldfish!
    2 months after that I caught my 2nd flathead ever and my largest to date a 32 lb fish caught on live shad that I caught myself in my new castnet. Prior to being on this site, I didn't even know what a castnet was.

    This year I was blessed to travel a little to Bluecat Mecca, the James River in Virginia and met with several members and caught 2 personal bests, a 62lb blue, and a 72lb 8 oz Bluecat.

    This is ALL due to information gathered here and friends made here.

    We also have gatherings and breakfasts where we meet and fellowship with members, putting faces to the names so to speak.

    If you like to catfish, you have found the right place to be.

    Once again, I'd like to welcome you and extend an internet handshake, or hug to you, a new brother or sister.

    Cordially..... Oh heck.... Love,

    Coshocton, Ohio
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    SUPER THREAD! Reps. to you Shawn.. Maybe i shouldn't post being im not new, but would like to say hello as well. Feel free to involve yourself on here, you will be amazed on how much info. is here and how many friends you will make... goodluck and good fishing...rollo

  3. CountryHart

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    Good post Shawn. Reps to ya brother as soon as i can.:wink:
  4. Wabash River Bear

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    Good post Shawn. I try to greet all the newcomers too, but sometimes miss a few here and there. For those I missed, "Welcome to the BOC". Reps to ya Shawn, as soon as I get some more to spread around.
  5. willcat

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    Great post Shawn, hopefully you could get someone to post it where they will see it before joining or right after so that they get the idea of how good it is to be on here!!!!
  6. whisker maniac

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    Really nice post Shawn. I know it is hard for me to always great all the new members also. But I try.

    Welcome all new members that come here and read this thread.
    If you like to chat we also have a chat room where quite a few of us get on and talk in the evenings. Any and all are welcome to join us there.
  7. BIG_D

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    Batchtown IL.
    reps to you my brother good post
  8. slimdaddy

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    Nelsonville, Oh
    great post shawn