New To River Fishing

Discussion in 'TENNESSEE RIVERS TALK' started by tnkatman, May 25, 2006.

  1. tnkatman

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    Bluff City, TN
    Hey Gents,
    I'm New To River Fishing,especially Fishing In A Strong Current, I've Fished Most Of My Life I Lakes & Still Water. Can Anyone Give Me Some Pointers On How To Fish Rivers ? Please Just Tell Me What You Look For In Order To Find A Good Spot (i Eclusively Bank Fish). What Rigs Do You Use ? What Do Use For Bait ? Please Help. You Don't Have To Be An Expert. Any Suggestions Are Appreciated. Thanks, Kevin.
  2. nuthinlikeacat

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    Eden Prairie, Minnesota
    I personally try to stay out of strong current. I do most of my fishing from shore also. I try to find sand bars and rock bar that have some sort of drop on some end of it. Most rock/sand bars will have eddys by them, I've always had the best luck fishing those areas. If you are fishing evenings, try fishing the flats, as the cats will move from their holes during the day to cruise the flats at night. I've ALWAYS had great luck near creek inlets, baitfish are usually near, adn I think the sound of the water attracts the fish.

    I use a standard 3 way swivel setup, with a sinker tied off one part of the swivel, and my line ties off the other. As for bait, check and see what the other fisherman in your area are using.

    Hope this helps!