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Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by gportsbaseball, Sep 4, 2008.

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    ok so ive been catfishing nearly my whole life, haha. But i am still a bit confused on how to use the big slip bobbers, or the bobbers with the little ball that comes off the top off them(looks like a slip bobber) like wut materials should i buy to setup at least 2 rods with these bobbers?

    If any1 could help me out and tell me how to rig these(weights used, depth,ex.) how deep to fish with these(pictures and very good descriptions are appriciated!) Im trying to land my first flathead, and i want to make it a big one! :-]
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    I'll try to help.

    First you will need these items.

    1. A slip bobber (they are usually cigar shaped but some look like a coke can) I use "Wild Wolf brand"
    2. A small holed beed (they are usually orange color)
    3. A hook (I prefer 7/0 Octopus Gamakatsu brand)
    4. An egg sinker (weight will depend on the size of your bobber) if it's a real big float try starting with 1 or 2oz.
    5. A barrell swivel

    Steps to rigging:

    1. Determine what depth you would like to fish (in feet)
    2. Measure on your line how deep you want to fish. If it is say 10 feet deep. Tie a knot in your line 10 feet above the end of your line. About 2 simple square knots will work.
    3. Reel in the line and at the end first put on the beed. The beed will slide up to stop your bobber which will suspend the rest of your rig at your desired depth.
    4. The thread the line through your slip bobber.
    5. The put on your slip sinker.
    6. Then tie on your swivel.
    7. Then tie a length of line about 6-8" for your hook leader.
    8. Then tie on your hook.

    Good Luck :0a26:

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    THANK YOU! lol, i bought these pesky bobber stops that always slid up when i got a hit from a catfish, so it would only bobble a bit and then stop, but i was unaware that i had a ct on 1 of my loose lines and it jsut keep sliding my stop up, and i lost the fish because i didnt set the hook well enough.

    now i know to just tie my line :-] thanks a ton, you've helped me out alot.
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    Welcome,Justin,Lots of info here ,check out the member library,just click on the quick links at the top of the page. I like to use the dacron tie on bobber stops on my line,this prevents making a weak spot . I think,Gean has a description on how to tie them in his addy wild wolf products