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Discussion in 'VIRGINIA RIVERS TALK' started by Jim Johndon, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. Jim Johndon

    Jim Johndon New Member

    Hey All,

    As you can see, im new here.

    I have just started fishing, and i live near the potomac, boatless.
    I went down to a local store and purchased a Black Beauty South Bend
    Rod, and (i believe) a Shimano R-4000 Reel. At that same store, i asked
    the manager(a catfisher) what to fish for, and what to use. He imediatly
    directed me to 'Catfish Dough Bait Charlie type A' catfish bait. For
    about 2 weeks i have gone down to the potomac and attempted to catch
    some cat's, but to no avail. The
    place is supposed to be 'prime' spot for catfish but they never bite the
    I also have a small...i dont know the name, but you attack it to
    the line, and it has 2 metal wires sticking out the sides to attach 2 hooks . the weight goes on the bottom of it. I use
    Catfish hooks too, but i never get them. I went down at high tide and
    tried to catch them, but didnt get any.

    Thanks for the Help
  2. jeremiad

    jeremiad Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the BOC, Jim! It won't be long until you are a BOC addict like the rest of us! :roll_eyes:

    How far up the Potomac are you fishing? Harper's Ferry?

    I can't speak for dough balls; I fish livers, hot dogs, or bust!

    Rigs are nice, but I tie all my setups, so I don't use them. For some reason, I enjoy knot tying.

    Beyond this, others can probably help you out far more.

    Just a note: You'll need another avatar; one with your picture and no clip art. Sorry, they nailed me, too!

    I'll give you reps and some coins to get you started! The coins will come your way as soon as I can send them!

  3. Jim Johndon

    Jim Johndon New Member

    Haha, Thanks. I am up...nearest town is arlington area, across from rosevelt isle. Thanks

    TIM HAGAN New Member

    ok jim first off that bait dont work in the potomac or has never work for me anyway (before someone jump on me).
    First let me welcome you to the BOC and a great catfish river. Their is alots i can tell you anbout the river and ways to fish it along with alot of other member here.
    Check out the maryland post on the potomac river and also in the sponsors part here under tim hagan outdoors, Over the last year or so we have posted many way that we fish the river baits, tackle etc.
    After you check them out i would be happy to help in any way i can. I will be on the water both saturday and sunday doing trips but would be done around noon both days if you would like to see the rigs i fish and different baits. Give me a call 301-418-3967 and i can go over them with you i will be beside the airport at gravely point ramp around noon both days.

    jim enter the giveaway for my free trip that will really get you started in the right place and save alot of money as well