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    I have never fished Lake Marion before and the wife and I are going to be camping at Santee State Park in a couple of weeks. Any suggestions on 1) where to go to try to catch a few cats and 2) where to get bait close to the State Park?

    My depth / fish finder took a dump on me and haven't had the money for a new on just yet so I can't really tell where any structure would be but I do have a map of the lake. Thanks for any help. I will post a report and pics if I get lucky.
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    You can buy bait at Santee General Store in Santee (next to McDonalds)or at Poplar Creek Marina there in the same cove as the State Park. Without a fish finder, I would stay on the same side as the state park and go down to I95 bridge. The river channel runs under the bridge there and this is a good spot for blues and flatheads this time of year. You can anchor up near the steel tower just as you go under the bridge and cast back toward the channel with cut bait or live bait. You can also catch bream and perch with worms anywhere along the bank around the State Park. Good luck

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    Ken knows that area pretty darn good, so I would listen to his advice, too.
    There is actually a second landing on the park that is very near the interstate. The lake levels are high, with more inflows likely after the rain this weekend, which does send some current down that side of the lake and will help out some more. Talk to the folks at the shop there in the park, and ask about stumps and such; they are numerous, so don't do anything to get hurt.
    Good luck. We'll be waiting for a good report. :big_smile:
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    Current lake level this AM is 75.79 which is a few inches short of PLUMB FULL which is not to be confused with nearly full.Any more water and I'll be able to beach the boat at the cabin door!!!!!I am not complaining however,this will mean good current in the canal and if the water holds great spawning for all the fish.Much better than the recent drought.Hope to see everybody this weekend.I'll be at Canal Lakes for breakfast on Sat morning.:smile2:pS dont listen to anything Ken says.He is just trying to keep you away from his secret fishing hole.WOuld you trust a man holding an alligator and claiming that is his pb flathead?????:big_smile::smile2: