New to Kerr Lake(Virgina)

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  1. bronco67

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    Hello all I am new to fishing kerr buggs and am planning atrp on saturday and had a few questions . first do I have to have a va fishing license to fish kerr if so were could i get one at six am ? sencond where can i stand the best chance at the shad whe will more tan likely put in at ochonechee park ramp ? and finaly where are the big blues at or any fish dont say try the water either , because i have and no luck any info would help thanx in advance :p :) :) :p
  2. bigblueone

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    I caught bait at Ochonechee last weekend.when you leave the boat slip go under 58.From there to the curve to thr right you should be able to see some flip I threw 4 or 5 times got all I wanted. If no luck there try the marina on Dan river side at 58.N.C license will work fine. Try around buoy 19 I marked a bunch of fish there last week.Didn't catch much there about the same around Grassy. Hope this helps, I might be there saturday or sunday. Drop me a line and let me know how you did.