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    I'm new to goose hunting did a little this winter with some friends. I'm planning on hunting as soon as the sept. season comes in and I'll go after ducks as well but I don't much about going after waterfowl but I've got birds everywhere. I'm shooting a mossberg 12gauge what kind of choke and shells should I use? I'll be river and field shooting so I'll have some close fast flying birds and long distance birds. Birds as small as woodies. also whats a good call for geese to get thats cheap? and whats a goose flute? Hows it different from other calls? Any advice on how to cheaply decoy? And whats a way to cook my goose or duck and have it taste good? Thanks.
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    This is what I use ,Ithaca 12 ga 3" ,I use the improved Cyl choke tube if I happen to shoot larger steel shot like F and T ,but I can't find it much anymore. If I'm using smaller shot say bb or bbb I use the mod. tube. They seem to work fairly well.I would opt for an after market choke tube especially made for steel waterfoul loads,But Everyone has left the Ithica line by the wayside. Theyre plenty of A M choketubes for most other makes. As for calls,I use a faulks and a Haydels,Both are great goose calls. Dont skimp on decoys and Make sure you are completely camoed they can see very well. I make covers from burlap 36" wide x7 ft long and if ya throw up to shoot and it happens to hang on your bbl ,just blast through it. cheap camo.

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    IMO, the best all around choke is going to be a modified. Factory tubes will do fine, but if you decide to get serious about waterfowling, an aftermarket tube is a good investment. Any of the brands like Briley and Carlson's are good choices. As far as loads, anything such as Drylock, Expert or Fasteel are good choices and I tried Federal High Density last year and liked what I saw out of it. Also have tried the Impact Matrix with pretty good results. Cheap, when dealing with calls, is a matter of preference. The Sean Mann Eastern Shoreman (flute style) was born and bred on the East coast of Maryland. Its a little bit more expensive than a call from Wally World but is also much easier to get good sound out of than cheaper ones. Ive used Foile's calls before too and had pretty good success also. Both of these are hand tuned at the factory to sound as good as possible as soon as you take them out of the package. On the other hand, Ive heard some really good sounds come from Wally World calls in the hands of good callers, but if you were to take someone and put them 100 yards away from you with a Wally World call and a quality call, most anyone could easily tell the difference, and so can the geese! A flute call has a longer sound chamber and makes a deeper, more nasally sound. IMO, a flute call is easier to use than a shortie because it is easier to control when the call "breaks" between the high and low note. As far as decoys, look for clearance sales on dekes at Wally World or look into the GHG "hot buy" series at Cabelas. Ive seen some guys take a field shell deke, and put styrofoam in the bottom and make floaters out of them, but they can only be used in water without current. The easiest way to prepare waterfowl is to get ALL the fat off of the bird and soak it in italian dressing over night, then pan fry it, adding some dressing to keep it from drying out.

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    You might want to check the BOC diner and cookbook for more recipes. I do mine several different ways,Plucked with the skin onallways,the fat keeps them from drying out.,I like to add a bag of potroast seasoning and some potatoes,onions,and carrota . place in a oven bag and cook as directed for a roast of same weight. I also smoke them and make jerky too.
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    You surley have the waterfowl fever. :smile2:
    Many of the same questions get ask from those new to this passion.

    Your Gun is more than fine. A Mod choke is a good middle of the road selection that will serve you well.
    Shells selection will depend on what the gun prefers. We shoot BB's at big ducks and decoying geese with good success. The deal here is not all shells are going to perform the same in your gun.
    Spend some time at the pattern Board with as many different brands and loads to see what works. It is an eye opener when you see what, brand to brand , Pay load and Speed do in different combos.
    I am not recomending anything specific, but we have a fondness for Federal Ultra shock . They are 1 1/4 oz at 1450 in a 12 ga load and are a premium shell as far as waterproof and general consistant construction.
    Much more expensive foder is available should the need arise , with Matrix and hevi-shot leading the field in performance but at as much as 2.00 a shot they should.

    Decoys . What a great time to need decoys. Everyone is working for a piece of the market and as a result prices are real attractive.
    I just got a flyer that has teal decoys for 19.99 a doz. Amazing.
    Hot buy mallards for just a little more.

    Geese in the field vs over the water may jack up your inevestment a little more .
    Good news is you can get by with not a whole lot and build as the seasons roll by. I buy a lot of my stuff from guys that are into the Newest is best ... converts to : used is Cheap and the $$ go lots farther.
    This post has gotten long so I will invite you to PM me and I can hook you up with some waterfowl sites not unlike this site is to the Catfishermen.
    Good Luck and Get after them.
    R Green
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    i am no waterfowl expert, but here's what i use... remington 870, mossy 88, mossy 500A. win drylok steel 3" in #4 for ducks and BBB for geese. when i burn up the BBB i think i'm going to try 3" BB's. i pass shoot off refuges for geese. not skybusting- skybusting is shooting at everything that comes over. i just wait patiently for a good shot. for ducks i use dekes (mallard and redhead are what i have) in stock tanks and do pretty good. i make wraps out of most of my waterfowl, like you would cook doves. i deep fried a greater canada goose once, made me feel bad for all the time i spent plucking the damn thing. with ducks, the more garlic, the better, in my opinion. except for woddies and teal anyway. those i will pluck and bake, they are really good without any extra help. i use duck commander original cut down wood call for stock tanks, and rich n tone quackhead, dc brown sugar, primos phat lady and yo sista too. yes those are really the names. they are really shrill calls that will bring the ducks in for a closer look from way off. if the ducks are buzzing the dekes without any calling, i will not call, but if they start to leave i will hit them with the brown sugar. also pays to have a 6 in one call so you are ready for the wigeons and teal. it's also a great locator for bobwhites when the sun is just coming up. i'm no pro by a long shot, but this is what i do as i am still learning. it will eat you up though, so pace yourself! in goose season i can't sleep for the honking and wings whistling in my head, or playing mistakes i made over and over in my head. then at work i am dog tired, till i start to try and sleep again! it gets bad... a lot of these guys are awesome duck hunters; i'd listen to them! good luck to you.
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    Hoxie, Kansas
    A goose flute in my opinion is a short reed call with a very long barrel. I have several and my old Olt A-50s get the job done very nicely. For cheap decoys you can buy used shell decoys for pretty good prices. I wanted numbers so I got ahold of a company called Easy Decoy Makers. Cheap way to get a lot of decoys with not too much work involved. Pm me and I can give a quick run through on the proccess. My guns are a Baikal MP 153 auto, and a Benelli Nova pump. I use Carlsons long range tubes for pass shooting, and the factory Imp cyl for over decoys. Load of Choice is easy too. For decoy shooting I shoot 3.5 inch BBs. I really like the Expert 1&1/4 ounce load at 1625 fps. For pass shooting I started using Black Cloud BBs with outstanding results! Geese dead in the air at amazing ranges. I'm not talking just knocked down I mead grave yard dead!!! Yes, tears up a bit of meat at closer ranges, but it's not a close range load.
    Oh, another way to get cheap but effective decoys is to make your own sillhouettes out of 1/4 inch plywood. And if you know someone who can paint details, really effective then. I know I have over 250. They work and you can haul a bunch of them.
    I feel as long as you can make basic honks on a goose call, you can kill geese. Each flock is different, and you just have to give them what they want to hear. Sometimes any calling is too much.
    One more piece of advice. If you can see the feet when they're flying, you can kill them. They are more than close enough at that point. And yes, 3" shells will kill them too. BBs out of an old Browning A-5 proved that.
    Just so you know, I live, eat and sleep goose hunting. I catfish when I can't hunt geese. And I'm not picky as to what kind of goose. I hunt them all from opening day until the end of season.