New to Forum- Ugly Stik questions

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Jug-or-not, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Jug-or-not

    Jug-or-not New Member

    Well I have been trolling here for a month or two and decided I would introduce myself. I mostly fish the MS River or Sardis Lake (lower) in MS. There is really some great info on this site and I have enjoyed reading most of it ;-)

    The thread on the Ugly Stik has convinced me I need to invest in one. Do you guys use an bait caster reel or a spinning reel on these rods? What are the pros and cons of each? I have a "bass" rig with baitcaster that I love but I also have an ultralight with a spinning r eel I love also. For the bigger fish which reel do you prefer and why?


  2. JamisonM

    JamisonM New Member

    South Carolina
    The ugly stiks come in both casting and spinning styles. I also think its personal preference as to which type a person uses. From what I've read, casting reels have more power, but can't cast light baits/lures as well. That's not say that a spinning reel can't put big fish in the boat though.

  3. gadzooks

    gadzooks New Member

    Kingwood, Tx (Houston)
    Ugly Sticks come in both baitcaster and spinning rods. The blank is tough, I've had less luck with the guides, especially the tip guide. Inserts seem to come out sometimes. They'll handle a lot of weight for the given size blank and have good backbone. But, they're not the most sensitive sticks on the planet. If you come from bass fishing and use high modulus graphite rods you'll be disappointed if you expect the same sort of sensitivity. At the present time, I've only one Ugly Stick. My favorite rod is a 7' Bass Pro Shop Extreme, medium heavy action, its high modulus graphite, but was cheap, $25 at a garage sale, the guy won it in a bass tournament, never used the rod. Most of my other rods are saltwater graphites used primarily by bay fishermen. But, this is bay fishing country down here. Use your bass rods, they'll work fine, then buy Ugly Sticks as you need a rod, have the money and, or are matching a new reel for catfishing to a rod.
  4. kycatman01

    kycatman01 New Member

    Welcome to the BOC, Kevin!! You will love it here!!
  5. Jug-or-not

    Jug-or-not New Member

    Thanks for the info and advise Jamison and Gadzooks. I have never been specifically fishing for monster cats but I want to try my hand at it. The biggest I have caught to date was one pushing 40lbs but it was caught while jug fishing.

    Any one else have any opinions on a new reel to match to a Catifish Ugly Stik?
  6. Gone fishin 4 kittys

    Gone fishin 4 kittys New Member

    Pittsburgh, PA
    You will be able to cast farther with a baitcaster then a spinning reel if your doing it right.

    A baitcaster is like a winch and has more power and taked up more line.

    Baitcaster are much harder that cast especially if you go with something like a penn okuma reel. Go with and Abu to begin with.

    I really like to use both they both have there pro's and con's. It's all about what you want. Both will deffinately but fish in the boat.

    Ugly sticks come in both types.

  7. gadzooks

    gadzooks New Member

    Kingwood, Tx (Houston)
    If you really are going after monster cats, those above 20 lbs, then the Ugly Stick is the way to go. The catfish model is a good choice as are the Tiger Ugly sticks. If money is a problem, then the Penn 9, 209 are good choices. Even if you have alot of money to spend, those two Penns will winch anything out there in. The Ambassaduer 7000 is another candidate, but does cost more than the Penn reels.
  8. Catgirl

    Catgirl New Member

    Hi Kevin! Welcome to the Brotherhood of Catfishermen family. We're glad to have you! I can't really add much to what's already been suggested, but I do think the Ugly Stiks are the way to go. :smile2:
  9. IL Hunter

    IL Hunter New Member

    Normal, IL
    Welcome to the BOC. For Catfish I prefer a casting reel. An Abu Garcia on an Ugly Stik Cat model makes a pretty good rod!
  10. Pastor E

    Pastor E New Member

    Beebe AR
    Yep alls said that needs to be said welcome to the BOC bro:big_smile:
  11. laidbck111

    laidbck111 New Member

    the rods are excellant as for reels it comes down to personal choice. I have both spinning and bait casting and enjoy both very much. The casting distances are about the same for me give are take 8-12 yards (on a 7 foot rod). As a recommendation for spinning reels daiwa and shimano make some very nice reels, rated for lines up to and over 20 pounds. All of the casting reels mentioned would also do a good job for you.
  12. joeczar

    joeczar New Member

    Parma, Ohio
    Hi Kevin
    You will love this site ,lots of helpful information on here. The people on this site are always willing to answer any questions you may have.
    I have a Ambassadeur 6501 and a Ugly Stick catfish rod both where recommended by my nephew who at 16 yrs old is quite the fisherman.
  13. Ghoulscout 13

    Ghoulscout 13 New Member

    North carolina
    invest in both, the Casting gear gives you more power when using larger baits so you can handle a bigger fish easier, however casting gear is tough to use at times(like when the wind is blowing or when using small baits and weights) in these situations you need to go with spinning gear. so the easiest thing to do is to buy both, odds are youll wind up doing it any way so just do it all at once. hope this helped you
  14. bluesbrother

    bluesbrother New Member

    welcom to the boc.and the ugly stick should serve you well.good luck
  15. uptoolate

    uptoolate New Member

    Canyon Lake, Texas
    Ugly sticks are very good rods. I recommend the spinner setups, they are easier to cast but can still horse a fish.
  16. Coyote1

    Coyote1 New Member

    Dear New Brother Kevin;
    yip-Howwwwwwwwdy and Welcome to the BOC. :smile2:
    Your going to get a lot of information from a lot of the Brothers and Sisters when you ask for help via posting a question. In fact, it is probably going to seem to be a bit overwhelming at times!! I know the first time or two it was for me and still sometimes is depending on the question.
    The thing to remember is that when it comes to Catfishing, there are a lot of "Right" choices and a few wrong ones. The "RIGHT" things are what you find that works best for Y-O-U! :smile2: Nobody here knows your experience, your style, preferences, skills, ect, better than you! We can give you all kinds of suggestions, we can tell you what works for "US" in any given situation, but at the end of the day, it's really a matter of what works for YOU.
    Having said all of that and now having you bored to tears, I'll answer your questions from my point of view. :wink:
    As a personal choice, I choose to use Spinning Rods and Reels. The large manufactures are noticing that there IS a market for large heavy duty Spinning Reels that hold say 300 yards or more of 30# test line. Also, given today's "Spectra" lines your able to load a lot stronger lines and still take advantage of the smaller diameter which allows you to load up greater lengths of line too.
    Right now I have two Ugly Stik BIG Water Rods. One is an 8' Heavy 2-pc and the other is a 10' MH 2-pc. I myself, use Spinning Rods and Reels. I've tried the "Bait Casters" and they just don't seem to work as well for me. I have yet to run into anything that I could not bring in with my Saltwater Spinning Reels and this includes a HUGE Carp! The silly thing about beat my buddy to death trying to get it up on the bank that time!!! I didn't help any by laughing to tears either but that is a story for another day! :lol: :embarassed:
    I am also having Gator {Our Own Jim Hudson} building me a Custom Spinning Rod to my specs. It will be here within a week as soon as all the parts are in from the tackle supplier. Once I get the new rod, I will use my Big Water Ugly Stiks as seconds and backups. I may even consider giving them away to some needy person but I've not made that decision yet.
    Personally, I've always had good results with the PENN SS/SSg/SSm line of reels. My latest one, the 9500SS, is my pride and joy. I'm looking forward to tyeing into a State/World Record with this reel and the custom rod that is being made for it!
    In fact, it is this reel that Gator is matching my custom rod too!
    If your just starting out, the Shakespeare Big Water Ugly Stiks are a GREAT Way to start no matter if your going the Baitcaster route, the Spinning route, or perhaps both! I've looked, and am still looking, but have yet to find any other brand of rod that gives you a greater "Best Bang For The Buck" than does the "Ugly Stik" line!
    If your looking at Bait Casting Reels, I know that many of our members like the Abu Garcia's in various model numbers but again,I would encourage you to look at the PENN line of heavy freshwater and light saltwater reels too.
    If money is No Object, then PENN can accommodate you there too as can Shimano [they have a spinning reel that goes for $700.00 and some Baitcasters that easily go more, as are some of the Penns]
    I would suggest that you contact different companies such as PENN, Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops, Catfish Connection, ect, and get their FREE catalogs sent to you so you can "shop and compare" the different rods, reels, lines, ect.
    In addition, you might wish to visit our BOC Library and Archives as they are loaded with information that I am sure will be of help to you one way or another!:smile2:
    Do that, mix in the advice your going to get from all of the other Brothers and Sisters, add a dash, no make that a heaping helpin' of "Common Sense", and it will be hard for you to go wrong starting out! :big_smile:
    I'm also going to tell you that if you don't understand anything you read in answer to your posts that all you have to do is send that person a PM/Personal Message asking for clarification and the Brother or Sister will gladly explain their answer in greater detail.
    That is one thing, if there was nothing else, that the BOC Brothers and Sisters are good at is helping out to the BEST of their abilities!
    As I said, personally, I like Spinning equipment and that is what I am using. Others swear by Bait Casting and still others use both. The real answer is to find what works best for Y-O-U. :smile2: I promise you, anybody that makes fun of your equipment choices tends to shut up real quick when you land one of the "BIGGUNS", no matter what equipment your using!! :lol:
    Long winded as this post is, hopefully your able to gleam a helping fact or two out of it. If you need any further explanation please don't hesitate to send me a PM! I'll do my best to help you out and if I can't I know whom to go to for help! :smile2:
    Again, Welcome Aboard; Glad to have ya! :smile2:
    Fraternally and Cordially,
    [[[[[End of long winded post:crazy: ]]]]]
  17. WylieCat

    WylieCat Well-Known Member

    You can buy Ugly Stiks for baitcasters or spinning reels.

    I use and prefer baitcasters. They are tougher to learn to use, but they offer you more options and better casting once you learn them.
  18. Jug-or-not

    Jug-or-not New Member

    Guys, I really appreciate all of your responses and advice. I am going to head up to BassPro Shops soon and "pick up and feel" a coupla reels and make my decision from there. Hopefully soon I can post a pic of a real whopper!

    You guys are great and the support here is fantastic.

  19. SubnetZero

    SubnetZero New Member

    Sherman IL
    Whats the Model Number on the Ugly Sticks you guys buy?
    I was looking at one, CAL1100, Im pretty sure is what the model on the shaft said... It was like a 6'6" rod.. This the same one you all get?
  20. Cattoo

    Cattoo New Member

    if you are fishing from a boat, a standard 6'6'' or seven foot ugly stik will do good for you but, if you fish primarily from bank i would recommend getting a longer stouter ugly stik like the big water series. a 7 foot medium action ugly stik just doesnt have enough back bone to make good solid hook sets especially if you are making long casts. they are good to start with, thats what i started out on, but you will probably see their limitations before long. just too limber. i have 4 ugly stik models now. 2 12 heavy action ugly stiks for fishing the bank and 2 7 foot medium action ugly stik tiger rods for fishing from a boat.