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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing' started by drcatfish14, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. drcatfish14

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    Hey boc flyers im new to fly fishing,and use one of my grandpa's old rigs.I would like to buy a new rod and reel. Was wondering what would be a good medium priced outfit to start with?:0a35:
  2. 223reload

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    Welcome Doug ,I just started toying with fly-fishing last summer so im not much help but I bought a nice comboat wally world for around 40.00 even came with a few flies. its a 9 ft 5-6 wt

  3. Wyocatman

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    Centralia, Illinois
    I woulkd say Redingtonor a cabelas package. Maybe even St. Croix or a lower end Cortland package. More importantly than price, I would look at the warranty. My Redington outfit cost 150 but it has an unconditional lifetime warranty. No matter what life brings upon it, they will repair it or replace it for free for life. Now thats what i call an investment.

  4. blindfly69

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    its up to you but i would stay away from wal mart, or meijer combos.... go to a pro shop and they'll hook you up great with your correct specifications
  5. field989

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    east central indiana
    St.Croix Premier combo from Hook and Hackle....

    i got it and PERFECT.... and for a GREAT price... all ready to go!!!

    its great improved my casting by 50%!! easier to cast and the whole 9 yards

    its a 5wt and 9 ft.... 4 piece

    i HIGHLY recomment it......

    Good luck and happy fishing

  6. fishinnstudyin

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    Several options.. If you're fishing trout that are average size, the "universal" weight you will need is a 5 wt. That being said, I honestly honestly believe the best beginner/intermediate rod/reel for the money is the Redington Crosswater 9 foot/ 5wt.. This can be bought in a 4 piece KIT (rod, reel, line and backing) for 129.99 or a 2 piece for 99.99.. there is a shop on ebay that sells the 2 piece kit with free shipping.. this rod casts better than lots of rods twice its price and more. I've casted a St Croix Avid ($200) and I like it, but I think the Redington Crosswater is just as great.. Redington was bought out by Sage so Sage decided to upgrade the rod and make it better. You will not be disappointed with this rod. I have a 4 wt Cabelas Stowaway that I love to death, one of the best rods for the money as well, but the 3 wt and 4 wt are amazing, the other weights are so-so. i had a couple White River (BPS brand) rods, but didn't like them as much. if you want a rod reel kit cheaper than 70. The Cabelas Three Fork rod is another great rod for cheap money. the kit is 75 bucks. if you buy a fly rod kit for less than 50 bucks, its paying just too little and you're not gonna receive a fine rod IMO
  7. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    I was going to reply to this thread, but Fishinnstudyin pretty much said it all. You really don't want to spend too much at first, wait to see how much you want to get into it. On the other hand, spend enough to get at least decent equipment, or you'll never get the true feeling for flyfishing.
  8. buddah

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    Pennsylvania Wi
    As you probably noticed it can be a little overwhelming to choose your set-up but once you catch that first trout/bass you'll be hooked and never bat an eye about getting the gear you need! It's like catching the "fever" Just try to stay at the 9' length (rod-wise) and get a weighted forward line. This will greatly improve your casting skills and catch. Good luck partner and if you have ANY question at all, you be sure to ask me. I am an AVID fly-rodder and hit those lil mountain streams every chance I get! Won't be out much this year though cause of my new lil Girl but I can still answer alot of questions!
    Happy fly-fishing to you and remember not to use your wrist too's all in the arm! (a little wrist is good though)
  9. Gator

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    I started with a Wally world combo to learn with and for Bluegill and bass as well as trout man it is a blast. Now for the freash water fish I use a St Corix with a old martin reel or a split bamboo rod. I have also moved up to a St. Corix with a Penn International 2.5 10 wt going to try some tarpoon on one.
  10. jstall

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    Gary Texas
    Welcome to the wonderful world of fly-fishing. I have fly fished for years and am just now learning the correct way to fish with a fly rod. My advice is, do not depend on the rod, reel or line to make you a caster. Depend on learning the proper technique. I have learned that with proper technique you get excellent results. I have learned a lot from some fly-fishing forums. Videos on the subject are great. If you start out wrong, you are going to have to teach yourself to over come bad habits, as I have to do. I predict the first fish you catch on a fly rod you will be hooked, more then the fish on the other end. I watched my grandson hook his first fish, on a fly rod. I also observed, at the same moment my grandson being hooked on fly-fishing.
    Good luck and good fishing