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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by bmaultbay, Nov 19, 2006.

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    Clarksville, Tennessee
    Looking for any and all pointers for duck hunting. Just bought me a new gun for duck, Stoeger Model 2000, waders, calls, now I need some help!:smile2: I am excited about getting into this sport, just looking for any advice on Tennessee laws, or even some good areas to hunt around the Clarksville area. I have a pretty good teacher in my brother in law, aftercats, but neither of us has duck hunted in the Clarksville, Tennessee area. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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    First i can say is it is the most adictive sport around, I would get ducks at a distance booklet and start getting to id the ducks this is the hardest part, being caught with the wrong duck can be costly, If you can't id the duck don't shoot it, it may be a mistake, Know your laws and bag limts, Ok you got some bucks and want to spend it on some gear get some deks what your are going after is key what is the most common duck in your area, I hunt alot of divers so my spread has a large numbers of diver ducks,
    there are two types of water fowl divers and puddler a puddler are mallards, widgions,ect diver are bluebills, ringnecks, redheads,ect. you most likely have a common duck call for mallards so get some mallard deks is a good start, use a good decoy line and weight, get a area that is not too deep so you can set deks and retrive your down ducks, Also remember you only can use no toxic shot, if you use steel go two sizes larger ie: if you use 4 shot in lead use 2 shot in steel, also use a choke that is design for steel shot also steel shot holds a tight pattern so a inprove cylnder will yeild a mod choke ect. I would also say get a good 4in one parka that has gortex or equilvant lining. I can go on and on but lets get you into the field, or lake. Most game lands that have lakes or streams are a good start, if you have a boat this makes it easy to access area so you need to scout out areas that will hold and attract fowl, I use a portable blind on my boat as well for the shore according where i hunt some area are too shallow for my boat so i use a shore portable blind, there are some other waterfowl sites on line that will yield a ton of info so start your search, good luck my last advice get with someone who hunts in your area and see if they will let you go out with them first hand experience is alway best.

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    ncfowler gave you lots of good advice. Waterfowling is a very unique type of hunting. You can keep it very simple and Jump shoot or pass shoot with out much gear other then your gun. But... the more you get into it, the more there is to it. The list is endless. Decoys, dogs, boats, blinds, calls etc. When the bug bites it usually bites hard. You can't get it all at once and even if you could you couldn't master it all at once. Take your time, get your feet wet and learn all you can about it. There are several good sites on the internet, books and most duck hunters would be glad to help you get started. Good luck.........