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Discussion in 'Crappie Fishing' started by bholly, May 6, 2008.

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    Hello everyone, I have been fishing catfish for a while now. But I wont to try crappie fishing. Do I use live bait like worms or crickets or do you use an artifical? I am going to a 6000acre lake this weekend what are some structures to look for when fishing for them. Thanks
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    Newark, Ohio
    Brandon .... Most people prefer one of two ways for Crappie ...

    First is using a small minnow and fish any where from 18 inches to 3 feet deep. Use a very light bobber (I prefer the pencil type). Crappies can really nail or do nothing more than go in a small circle or lift the bobber up so it lays flat on the water. Fish around brush or structure like docks, rip rap or downed trees.

    The other is by using a small jig with a small curly tail or nymph on the hook .... some use a minnow instead of an artificial. The habitat you fish with this method is the same as with just a minnow. You lower your bait slowly down and then slowly jig or raise it up ...

    Both ways can be successful ....

    In Florida we drifted using cane poles with minnows across weed beds down about 4 feet ..... Of course 2 to 2 1/2 pound Black Crappies were pretty common down there ......

    Good Luck ... Garry-

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    i use panfish assassins almost totally on a 1/32 oz. jighead, cast and retrieve. in deeper water i will use the 1/32 oz. jighead and a fathead minnow. i let it hit the bottom, then reel it up slowly. good luck on your trip. look for trees in the water, or riprap.
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    try a simple rig live or dead minnows a bobber and a small hook hope this helps
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    the only time of year I fish for crappies in the big lakes is right now.When they are up on the bank like right now go to walmart and spend $6.69 on a colapsible cane pole I prefer a 12' one but you can go as short as 10'. tie a piece of 20-30lb mono just shorter than the length of the pole tie on a gold 1/0 hook space a split shot about 6" up from the hook and set a pencil float about 18" deep. walk the bank looking for spawners use the heavy mono to pull loose when you get snagged.then take a pair of pliers and bend the hook back into shape put a new minnow on and you're ready to go. Dont be afraid to drop this rig vertically right into the thickest cover. You will also find some nice bass and or the occaisonal catfish and you can get them in with the heavy mono.The last 2 years I have caught 3 master angler bass {over 23"} while crappie fishing with minnows and a cane pole.Find some rip rap areas and you can catch spawning channel cats too. Switch from the gold hook too a mustad j hook about 3/0 switch to shrimp walk the rip rap. I like to use a 9' salmon rod w' a big spinning reel and 20lb test. you can use the long rod to dislodge snags just stick the rod in the water and reel down to the snag. I caught my limit of crappie monday and only lost 2 jigs because I would get right over the snag with that 11' rod and reel down sticking the rod down in the water .
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    Panfish Asassins 1/16 jig head or 1/32 under a cork or Tight lined on a jig pole. Also like a curly tail grub on 1/16th jig head I like black and chartreuse with chartreuse head or pink head cast it out with ultra light tackle or spinning tackle and reel in slow. Fish structure docks and grass beds. Another good bait is a green beetle spin with two black stripes. Minnows always work when all else fails, alot of the crappie I have been catching lately have small bluegill 1-1.5" long in there bellies. They hate each other and have caught them pretty quick on them and theyre cheaper than minnows just bait a trap with bread or peanut butter mixed heavely with corn meal. You can catch small gills and minows. Good luck and you will find that crappie are some of the best eating fish in freshwater IMO.