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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by NJ_Fishin_Fool, Nov 30, 2005.

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    Hey all,
    New guy here. Was searching for cattin info on the web, and stumbled across this site. I live in New Jersey, about 5-10 minutes from the Deleware river, some of the best catfishin in the state, from what I hear. Anyways, what are some good bait types, good rods(ie-what actions and length.) I am a bass angler mainly, and was wondering if my rods would work for cats. Also what type of terminal tackle do I need???
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    Little Rock, AR
    Welcome to the BOC, NJFF! Since catfishing in your area is probably a lot different than here in Arkansas, I doubt I can give you many specific tips, but some of your larger bass fishing tackle should work very well for catfishing. I used to do a lot of bass fishing, and I found that the shorter rods used for casting bass lures were a bit shorter than I like for catfishing, but longer rods with more backbone, such as flipping sticks worked just fine for certain situations. That's the thing to remember--the right tackle for the situation. I have several 7'-8' rods that I use for general catfishing; some shorter, stouter saltwater rods that are great for hauling big cats from logjams or other heavy cover; and even a couple of 14' rods for situations where it's necessary to make extremely long casts. The same thing applies to the reels. Bass fishing reels are made to cast lures up to maybe 3/4 ounce, and catch fish up to 10# or so. I remember watching a fishing show where a famous pro was fishing in California for the giant bass there, using lures up to 8 ounces. Despite the fact that he had been told to bring heavy tackle, he ended up having to borrow some, because his just wouldn't do the job. Also, many, but not all, catfishing situations require more line capacity than a bass reel will hold. For the waters I fish, I consider the ABU 6500 a very lightweight catfishing reel with a very small line capacity and very wimpy drag system. In waters where a 10#-15# fish is a big fish, it would be a great reel.

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    What type of Cats are you targetting? For channels your bass fishing gear is perfect. i live out here in CA and have fished a lot for Bass and cats. I use the same poles on both. As far as tackle is concerned, that depends on the angler. I personally use egg style sliding sinkers and circle hooks for cut bait. Dip bait I use majic bait tubes with trebles, instead of the cirle hooks.

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    the advice that was just given to you in the above post was a very good
    start in the right direction,use that information as a guide line to get started,
    then factor in all the things that apply to your water,cover and figure that
    you will probably encounter catfish 25 lbs + in my way of thinking there is
    no such thing in over kill when preparing to do battle with the true monsters
    of the deep.more great information will follow,just read it digest it add your
    own twist,and tricks, then just keep returning to the BOC information provided by the brotherhood,and again WELCOME ABOARD.
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    welcome aboard, i like the tide water reels from wal-mart they also have nice berkly rods to in 7,8 an 9 footers , i bought to of my rods from cat connections. witch there is a link up top of the home page. but i like my 9 footers an i have one 12.
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    Howdy NJFF ! I'm here in Texas and fish mostly for what we call eaters. I am however, getting ready to go deeper than just off the banks, so my Bass poles will not be much help. There are some post on the main page about tackle reviews, read these and you will learn alot. This site is home to alot of good folks that will answer just about any questions you may have.

    Welcome to the BOC ! Come back often and get to know us.
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    near that hellhole dallas
    a big welcome to the BOC, glad to have you with us and looking forward to your participation in the forums.

    one thing that may help you in buying tackle is to post under your state's forum. the local guys (and gals) will be able to give you an idea of the size gear you'll be best served with.
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    Welcome aboard NJFF. You will find some of the nicest people in the world right here on the BOC. Got more questions? Just ask. I use 7-ft MH rods with abu 5500 reels and find they work just fine for me. However, the other fellowa are right-find what works for you in your situation. Once again, glad to have you.
  10. Rockin' Blues

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    st.louis mo.
    if your going for real big ones,i would get heavier equipment,use live or cut bait
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    I would highly reccomend cut shad as bait..If you are fishing for channels bass gear will work..For Flatheads and blues you need to step up to something Like a abu garcia 6500 reel, and a quantum bigcat or similar type rod, with at least 25-lb test mono.
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    Hey NJ_Fishin_Fool,

    " :0a25: to the B.O.C."!
    As you see - This is the place to be to find out anything & everything you want to know about Catfishing of any kind! :D
    The Brothers & Sisters on this site can tell you all of the things you need to know about Catfishing or anything you can think of!

    I think that the B.O.C. is the "Best Catfishing Web-Site" on the Internet "Period" !

    "These people are the best"! :0a23:

    You Take It Easy & Again Welcome to the B.O.C.,

    Bert :cool:
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    Welocme to the BOC NJFF!!! Just keep reading, and and all of your questions will be answered. LMAO!!!!