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    Hello everyone,

    After discovering this site today, my new interest in catfishing has peaked to new heights. I love eating catfish (mostly farmed raised) but never had the opportunity to catch one for the dinner table. Although I'm an advid saltwater angler off the Southern California coast, going out 3-4 times a week; I have only been out catfishing less than a dozen times in my whole life. BTW, I skunked on all those trips. I fish for SW species mosly in the bays, kelp beds, and island from Huntington Beach, CA. Like many of you, I'm hoping land that tophy catfish.

    I'm giving the pay lake another chance this week for channels and possibly the canals that feed from the Colorado River in about a month for some flathead. I went to the local bait shop to get some baits, hooks, and other stuff.

    Since my catfishing skills was limited, I don't know if I was taken advantage of when getting recommendations on baits from the store employees. I bought some frozen mac, but the store employess said their cured flavored Mackeral works much better. Although pricey at $18 for a 1lb jar, I gave in and bought 1. I also purchase several dozen Ghost Shrimp and a pack of squid. The employees swear by these baits. Has any members on this site used ghost shrimp or squid for channel cats. The ghost shrimp looks promising as it has a lot of eggs in it's belly. I don't know about the squid though. I was also told that marshmallow cocktail (shrimp and marshmallow) works wells to. How do you make this bait? Do you blend the 2 together in a blender or do you just hook the 2 on the hook.

    I don't want to get skunked again when I go out this week so if anyone can give me any tips for a successful trip, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm not as concerned with setting the hook as to them taking the bait in the first place. Most of my skunked in the past was a result of untouched bait. Thanks everyone and I look forward to learning and contributing more on this site.
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    From what I know you smear the marshmellow goo on the shrimp and cast out.:0a26:

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    I agree with using bait fish found in your local waters is best-and almost always for flatheads.As for channels and blues- bloodbaits,shrimp,worms,lizards,frogs,beef hearts,gizzards,frozenfish chunks,and other smelly or crawly stuff.My personal favorite is liver,wraped in thread(to keep it on the hook).You are going to have to try diffrent baits and techniques see what works for you.The BOC is the best place to learn,without getting your line wet.Welcome:big_smile:
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    Welcome Pursuit.

    I used squid when I lived in Florida, and it always did very well, though not on large fish. Don't know what ghost shrimp are, but regular shrimp is a very good bait as well, even better once it gets a good smell to it.
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    One of the easier baits for new catfishers would be dip bait. You can buy the stuff in pails and rub it into a worm and cast out. The best thing is that you will use the same pail and worm (potentially) for many trips. That, and when you get a hit, and you miss it, you can't worry about the fish stealing your bait. I'd try for most anything you need because local shops will vary in their recommendations and offerings. I recommend looper rigs for the dip worms, and maybe buying a few diffrent kinds of the dip bait in the smaller packages, to find out what works best in your fisheries. Welcome to the BOC.
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    Welcome to the BOC
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    I to have used shrimp. Chicken livers shad guts work well too. Welcome to the BOC and good luck fishing!
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    Welcome to the BOC the best catfishing site on the net!
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    Sounds like your being indoctrinated to catfishing the same way most of us are. I know for a fact, I have not caught a cat every time I went fishing for them, and there has been periods of long, dry, spells. The first thing to look at is the water your it common to catch catfish there? Secondly is the bait...although flats eat almost anything, they prefer live bait. Try some bluegill thats 4 to 6 inches in length. If blues or channels are around, try cut bait, dip bait, stink bait - shucks, try the kitchen sink too. Usually you start out with dinks, but keep fishing and you will work your way up to some pretty big boys. Good luck, keep you lines tight.
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    Leon welcome to the BOC, I am sure someone from Calli will chime in and let ya know what works good out that way. Cut gills and shad is a staple for Channels around here. Can't go wrong with some stink bait either.
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    Welcome to the BOC. The place where you'll find everything you wanted to know about catfishing, and maybe even a few things you didn't...:lol:
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    welcome to the BOC.....i agree with the others on using bluegills,livers,etc...another thing is to ask people you see fishing the same area that you are fishing in...most will be glad to help you get started ....and as for getting skunked it happens to all of us at one time or another so don't let it get you down:cool2:
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    For bait on channels, i usually use frozen mackerel, chicken livers, bluegill heads, or a catfish cravegravy dipped nightcrawler; Welcome to the BOC!