New to California, I could use some advice on catfish spots

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  1. I have looked at some places here around the LA area and there seems to be plentiful lakes to fish from. I have no idea which ones are fished the most or which ones are fished the least. Also no idea which ones are good for camping. Any advice on this topic is greatly apreciated and hopefully I can make a fishing buddy or two in the process. Anything within a 2 hour drive from Baldwin Park is preferable, but if the fishing is totally outstanding I could be persuaded to drive up to 4 hours away.
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    Lake Irvine is where you will want to look at. Cat seasons is coming right up there. They also have camping.

    Lake Perris has camping as well and decent fishing.

    Santa Ana River lakes has good shore fishing and is stocking cats as well.

    San Diego area lakes is kicking butt on bluegill, crappie, and also the occasional cats. (lower Otay, El Capitan, Sutherland).

    Lots of good fishing around. You can contact the lakes themselves for info on camp and pricing althought the San Diego lakes do not have camping.

    I am contemplating throwing a gathering at Irvine sometime this fall. Show up if you are available.

  3. Sweet, I am there. Just say when.
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    Hey Cade,

    If anyone can hook you up on the fishing in that area - it's "B. H." (Bluehunter). :0a23:
    He is pretty much the man down there in So. Cal. :boss:

    Take it easy,
    Bert:cool2: & Shaina:0010:
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    Dale Miller
    crayzeecade welcome to the boc and California, theres some good catfishing around so cal, I grew up in Orange County but now live out in Riverside, Lake irvine has some great catfishing and down in san deigo there's some great lakes, Bluehunters the man on them lake's and he'll be more then glad to help ya out on them. I do my fishing out at the colorado river looking for the big flats, any time your ready to hook up a big flat let me know and i'll take ya out with me for a weekend. you can find my post on the river in the
    ca section under rivers

    good luck and good fishing dude and thank's for your service to the USA
  6. As soon as I get this college thing done with in a month or so and get a stable job to live of of I will be more than happy to go on a fishing trip. I would like nothing more than get my two best friends suddawg and TA2D some great fishing stories.
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    Get down to were riverbud is at, and catch some hogs bro! Show your buddies what Cali is made of:big_smile:
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    Hey cade i just got out of teh corps about 9 months ago i was at pendleton, the lake there on base by the naval hospital has some big cats and big bass, lake irvine and SARL is where i would go on the weekends and i used to do pretty good.
  9. I left the corps from Pendleton January 2004 and when I was ther I wanted to go fishing at that pond by the hospital. But everytime I ask someone about it they said it has been deemed too toxic to fish in it. Not having any fishing poles with me I just took word of mouth. Maybe one day if I ever join back up I may visit that pond and see what it can get me. As far as Irvine goes I am about an hour drive from Baldwin Park. I finally got off my duff and went there just to see what it was all about and it was the week before cat season started so everything was gated off. I wasn't too happy because I wanted to take a better look at the shoreline. Anyway I also wasn't too happy seeing the 20$ entrance fee just to get in. Is there a permit you can buy so you dont have to pay that all the time you go? If there is that would be great info.
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    hi there,

    welcome to the BOC it is a great place to be.