New to Baitcasters--Need some help

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by alpal16, Jan 13, 2009.

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    Hey Guys. So I am new to baitcasting reels and have just purchased a couple of Abu Garcia Ambassador 6000's. Aside from the practice with casting that I need to do, I was wondering how one uses the baitclicker with circle hooks. It is my understanding that with the baitclicker on, the fish runs with the bait and the clicker goes off. Then you turn off the clicker when you want to start reeling. My confusion comes with using circle hooks. I was taught that the rod needs to load up when using circles before you start reeling (i.e., don't yank the rod or you will yank the hook out of the fish's mouth). But when you have the clicker on, how does the rod load up. Do you just turn the clicker off and let the rod load up? Basically, my question is how do you fish with the clicker and circle hooks?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.
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    <Do you just turn the clicker off and let the rod load up? Basically, my question is how do you fish with the clicker and circle hooks?>

    Briefly, you DON'T fish with the bait clicker with circle hooks. If you are using circles, do not deploy the clicker. Just let the rod load up and start reeling. Do NOT try to set the hook as this will result in the hook being snatched free. Try the Gamakatsu 8.0 Octopus circles for a great hookup/landing ratio!! GREAT choice in reels! reps out to you!

    Bill in SC

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    you can use them with circles,epecally if your using several rods and dont want to see your expensive set up go flying threw the water.When you hear your clicker just turn it off and let the rod load up,works for me when i use a clicker.But i dont turn them on unless im messing with another rod or something,cause isnt that the way it works? Nothing bites until you start messing with something else? never fails.
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    if youre wanting to fish the clicker, you cast out reel in your slack turn your clicker on and push the cast button. with a circle hook the reel needs to be engaged, cast button out, to work. when and how you want engage it depends on the fish. if the fish takes off on a clicker screaming run youre not gonna want to turn the handel right away it will most likely pop the hook out like if you were trying to set it, and you definitly dont want to just turn off the clicker thats asking for a birdsnest. the best way would be to slowly add pressure to the spool slowing it and loading the rod then turn the handle to engage then turn off the clicker. if the fish is tapping it bearly pulling the clicker out let him tap it a couple times then between strikes turn the handle just enough to engage but not take line then suprize lol.
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    I use my clickers with circles. I just dont free spool it. If they're pulling line out you'll hear it. And it's already hooked. just cast out, lock the reel, and turn on the click. I use rod holders though. I would'nt recommend it if your poles not anchored down. I use them because sometimes I will sleep during slow periods on my boat. I woke up one morning and one of my rod holders was about pulled off the boat. One got hooked in my sleep and he worked on it all night and just about had all three screws pulled out before I got to it. I just about lost a priceless pole!
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    Another way to look at the bait clicker is as a bite alarm.
    While it does prevent completely free line payout, most clickers aren't that strong. Take you rod and set the bait clicker on and leave it in freespool,then pull on the line as if a fish was biting, chances are there will be very little resistance on the fish's end.

    Some clicker springs are stronger than others, if fishing in strong current, I often use the clicker to hold my bait and line in position. Most smaller reels have such weak clicker springs that they impart little to no feel at the bait.

    Penn usually has the strongest clicker springs from what I've seen.
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    Congrats on the new Abu's I will not bore you will my limited knowledge. I don't use the clicker with circles.
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    I just let the rod load up after I turn the clicker off and it works for me I use 8/0 octopus circle hooks.