New to AZ fishing.

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    I'm new to the fishing in Arizona. I'm used to pulling some donkeys out of the James River in VA. I'm about an hour from Patagonia and Parker canyon lakes.

    I think I'm using to much tackle, when I fish. I usually boat fish and I use ABU Garcia 7000 C3s with a 5-7/0 Daiichi Bleeding bait wide Chunk or wide gap hook. With a 8.5 foot CatMax Rod. I usually run about 40 pound test with a 50-60 pound leader. I usually throw a cast net for bluegill or use threadfin shad I catch. Don't seem to be having much luck with the big ones, and I'm sure missing the big rivers of VA.

    Do you think I should tackle down? I'd would like to talk someone near Sierra Vista possibly to get together to do a little fishing. I'm willing to go fishing anytime. As soon as I get the big ones figured out, I'd like to get some tournaments started around this area (within 200 miles).

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Hey Jim,
    Welcome to AZ and the BOC..I'm sure you're experiencing some "culture" shock..from your home rivers!!:crazy::smile2:
    I don't know anything about the waters down where you are, Your tackle is fine for Roosevelt Lake, Bartlett, or the Colorado river, If the water you're fishing down there isn't producing, it may be seasonal,,cold, but, then again, I just don't know.
    Never hurts to throw out the 2nd rod, (need a 2 pole stamp), with a worm , or other,,
    and see what happens. May convince a channel to pick up!

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    Welcome to the BOC from Texas
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    Welcome to the BOC. I use to live in Sierra Vista myself and fished in the area. Patagonia does have some big cats in it but i have never done very good in the winter due to water temps. If your after big blues or flats then I don't think your tackle is too big but I'm not sure about the chances of hooking up with them in that area. Now Rosevelt Lake is another matter, there are a lot of big fish there. There also is fishing on the army base. Best of luck. Tight lines.

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    Welcome to the Brotherhood
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    Spring is what we here in AZ are waiting for. You can catch the Flats deep but they aren't very active till the water warms. Your gear sounds fine, bait go for live bluegill or live green sunnies or live small carp or big carp steaks the best is the bloody neck section with the gills, lot of sent with the carp because they are very oily. Not much of a Blue cat fishery here in AZ. I've read the Blues can be very active in cold weather. Fish On!! and Good Luck!!