New to area----need some advice on a good starting place

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    Hello guys,
    I am new to the forum and also to the area. I am living in Murray, KY. I currently do not have a boat, so I will be fishing from the bank. I have the right gear for big cats though. I recently bought both a KY and TN fishing license. I have been looking at checking out the KY dam or going to Old Hickory Dam in TN. I just don't know much about the area and where to go. Also, I have read here alot about skipjack, we don't have these from where I came from around the Lake Texoma area---only shad there. How do you guys catch them and where? I have a cast net and an "ultra-light" fishing rod and reel. Thanks Guys.....
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    First off welcome to the BOC. Live shad and blue gill would be good to use for bait. Skipjack run at different times ofthe year and right now they are hard to find. You can catch skipjack using white curly tail jigs and just toss and reel. Both Barkley and Kentucky Lake Dams are huge so keep that in mind if going bank fishing there. Good luck.

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    Richmond ,Indiana
    Welcome to the BOC