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    Hello guys,
    I am new to the forum and also to the area. I am living in Murray, KY. I currently do not have a boat, so I will be fishing from the bank. I have the right gear for big cats though. I recently bought both a KY and TN fishing license. I have been looking at checking out the KY dam or going to Old Hickory Dam in TN. I just don't know much about the area and where to go. Also, I have read here alot about skipjack, we don't have these from where I came from around the Lake Texoma area---only shad there. How do you guys catch them and where? I have a cast net and an "ultra-light" fishing rod and reel. Thanks Guys.....
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    Jay, Welcome to the BOC!!! There are alot of members in your area, they should be chiming in anytime buddy!!!

    We are having our first annual National gathering at Kenlake State Park in two weeks. Go to the National gathering section and get signed up and join us. These things are a blast!!!!

  3. Ol Man

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    Welcome to the BOC, Jay... Seems you've already found the best starting place on the net...:big_smile:
    I don't like money - but it quiets my spirit.
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    Jay welcome to the BOC, from a brother in N. Y.
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    Hello Jay. Welcome to the BOC. Glad you joined us. I don't know much about the area you live in, but someone will be able to help you. Now, go catch a big'un.
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    welcome to the board and just in time. I live close and many others do also. get signed up for the gathering you can learn a lifetime worth there in a weekend and meet some locals.
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    welcome jay.there are alot of great people at this sure someone in your area will help you out.
  8. Michael

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    Clarksville TN
    welcome to boc Jay.. a good place to bank fish around here is at the steam plant.. and you can also find lots of skip jack there in the spring using small white jigs just tie 2 of them on and cast into the boils and WHAM you catch 2 at a time in the spring.. i stock up on mine every year and vacuum seal them for the freezer. and another good place Togo around here is cheatham dam. there are big cats and skipjacks there too.
    right now you can catch skipjacks at the dam but they are far and few.. I'm headed out there this morning to hit the striper's and bucket a few fresh skips.. ahh yeah if you look at a map of clarksville you'll see a place just out side of clarksville called Cumberland city thats where the steam plant is and you can fish off a cat walk out there too that goes all the way across it.. i hope this helps alittle. if you need better directions send me a pm and I'll get them for ya.

    Hope to see you at the gathering
  9. Coyote1

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    Dear Brother Jay;
    "WELCOME ABOARD"! :smile2:
    Your off to a GREAT start with your post. There are a lot of knowledgeable and experienced Brothers and Sisters close enough to you to provide you with a good start. Two of them that I know of, Brother Dreadnaught/"J.W." and Brother Fishman/Danny, have already made a post to you! I urge you to learn all you can from these two and from all that others that will be answering your post too!
    The only trouble you might have is the number of posts your going to get!! Our BOC Brothers and Sisters are nothing if not a bit exuberant in the help department!:smile2: Don't worry, you won't get lost and if there is anything you don't understand all you have to do is ask that particular Brother or Sister for a more detailed answer and they will get back to you ASAP!
    Don't be afraid to ask questions and by the same token, if you have learned something that may help others then please, feel free to share it with us! All of us are always interested in the newest "Tools of the Trade" and/or baits, techniques, anything to do with Catfishing or, any of our many other topics on the site!:smile2:
    As I mentioned earlier, Brothers Dreadnaught and Fishman are two of our finest representatives and they will not knowingly steer you wrong so avail yourself to them!
    Also, if there is any way you can make it to the National Gathering, even if only for a day, I would strongly encourage you to go. Take a notebook with you too because I don't think your going to be able to remember everything, nor everybody, that you learn and meet at this event!
    Brother Dreadnaught will be giving a sinker making demonstration and will have [the last I heard] over 500 pounds of lead that he alone is bringing and no telling how much other members will be bringing too!
    There will be various vendors, COFFEY Marketing comes to mind and is one that will be there as I spoke with them last week and verified their attendance. They will be offering their quality line of "digital" scales for weighing your catch, as well as other tools related to our "Trade". Currently I am testing their "Deer" Scale and it looks to be one of the "Gotta Have" items for the serious Cat-fisherman!
    There will be other vendors there too and more importantly there will be a LOT of the BOC Brothers and Sisters there to meet with in person! I have no doubt that you will learn things from the Brothers and Sisters that just simply can NOT be learned in a book, or online with a computer!!
    By the way, Our Brother Gator/Jim Hudson is "THE" man to go to with ANY of your Rod questions!! He makes custom rods for any kind of fishing you would want to do! He is an avid Shark Fisherman as well as having learned Rod Crafting [ yes rod Crafting, not just rod making!] He also offers a discount to bona fide members of the BOC too. Keep him in mind and look him up for all of your Rod questions.
    I too will be at the "Gathering" and will have my own personal brand new Custom Gator Rod with me so you can see what Brother Hudson's latest top of the line technology and best crafting efforts look like on a 21st Century SERIOUS "Trophy Kat" Rod! There will also be other Brothers and Sisters that will have their own "Gator Custom" Rod with them for you too look over too. :smile2:
    But in all seriousness, you should go to the National Gathering. Please, don't let the fact that your a "newbie" keep you from going!! You will be just as welcome as any "veteran" member and I have a hunch you will find the local "cuisine" the best you've every had too! So bring a hefty appetite too!
    I apologize for this being so long winded!! :sad2: But I think it would be in your greatest interest if you could find your way to attend the FIRST National Gathering!! I can't think of a better way for you to start off! Besides that, I always enjoy putting the faces and voices to those that I "chat" with on our website!:wink: :smile2:
    Again, "WELCOME ABOARD"! :big_smile: We're GLAD to have ya among us!:smile2: Seek us out, don't be afraid to ask questions! When it comes to times, places, events, ect, in your local area, listen to Brothers Dreadnaught and Fishman because they live in your immediate "area". I know they, nor any of our other Brothers and Sisters, for that matter, will never knowingly steer you wrong! And, the Brothers and Sisters that don't live in your "area" can still tell you about how, when, where, why, ect, in their "area's" so that when you travel, you will still know where, and how, to fish for the Greatest Game Fish In The U.S.A.! :smile2:
    I hope this long winded post helps you in some way. If there is ever anything I can do to help you out please do not hesitate to ask me. The worst I can do is say "no" and even then, I'll still try to point you to someone that can answer your question or help ya out! :smile2:
    Fraternally and Cordially,
    [[[[[End of Post]]]]]
  10. buddah

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    Pennsylvania Wi
    Hello Jay and welcome to the B.O.C. I am from Pa so I cant offer any advice on the skipjack thing but there are plenty of members from your neck of the wood that'll be helpin you out soon! Welcome again and if I can help you in any way feel free to ask away!! I'm Jay also.
  11. catfish-for-life

    catfish-for-life New Member

    Appreciate it guys, and thanks for all the information Coyote1. I will definately try to make it to the gathering. Sounds like a blast.
  12. cumberlandcat

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    Welcome, Go down to the dams at about sunset. By some of those neon green 1/8 oz jigs at walmart they are like 12 for a dollar. Take and get ya some 50 lb mono and make a rig with about 3 or 4 jigs on it . I will try to explain it to ya. Take a 6 foot piece of line Every foot take and tie a loop outa itself about 4to 5 inches long. Tie it tight Put a jig on each one and tie a 3/4 oz wieght on the bottom. This will keep it balanced when you are casting it. The 50lb line will keep it from tangeling. If you use light line it will tangle up and if you think one hook tangles sucks try having 3 or 4 tangle so use heavy line. Then go down to the dams at sunset and cast some times they want it slow sometimes they want it really fast and jigged. You 'll get the hang of it . It has taken me a couple of years to come up with a rig that works this well but last week I caught 112 in 3 1/2 hrs filled my whole deep freeze in one night But some nights you'll go and you may only catch 25 so good luck.
  13. Angelkitty

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    Sheridan, Ar
    Welcome to the BOC, Jay! I am a Arkie. So I don't know about your waters there. But, U did come to a great site. I call it Family. You will find a lot of information.
  14. Cheez

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    Welcome to the BOC Jay. Great place and a great bunch of guys. I can't help you with fishing in your area but I believe you can still catch some skipjack right below most any dam on the Tennessee or Cumberland rivers. They are still catching them at Chattanooga.

  15. BIGCAT GarryEads

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    Francisco Ind
    Jay, welcome to the BOC.

    BIGCAT GarryEads
  16. Clovis

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    Paris Tennessee
    I'm in Paris TN. about twenty miles south of Murray.

    Anytime your down this way let me know. and I'll let you know when I find the good spots down here.

    I should be getting my boat hopefully today, but by the end of the weekend for sure.

    Don't know how good of a catting boat it will be, but I plan on finding out.

    By below a dam, you mean on the side with the lower water level?

    I need a KY license.
  17. seaark

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    North Carolina
    Welcome to the BOC Jay!!