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Discussion in 'Guns - Blackpowder' started by jstall, Nov 11, 2007.

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    A local store is not going to stock guns anymore and put everything on sale. I made a deal on a T/C Omega. I have a old BP I built from a kit that shoots great, cleaning it takes the fun out of it. That is why I do not shoot it. I understand he TC is much easier. Any suggestion on loads, powder and bullets. Oh, and cleaning. How about the new powder that is out, American Pioneer or Goex pinacle the rating at Bass pro is not very good.
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    Joe, check out some of the other threads on BP. Lots of good ideas and info. Also lot of "purists" verses modern in lines preferences. Check out the thread on breaking in a BP. I made an lil effort there. I tried the Ky, and Hawken guns years ago, and it was fun, but I have enough trouble hunting without the hassle of wondering if the darn thing is gonna go boom when I pull the trigger. It took off like gangbusters back with the "Jerimiah Johnson" film; like the 44 in "Dirty Harry". I jumped on the Omega for the reasons you stated, and if you do your part, it will go boom and is much more accurate than any Hawken I've seen shot, by the best I know. The club I belong to started as a BP only club, and the guys still shoot em for fun, but hunt with the newer tech stuff. I shoot two 50gr Pyrodex pellets under a 250gr Shockwave bullet, swabbing between shots. The new preference seems to be trip 7, but real black powder comes in last, too corrosive, and hard to clean up after. Soon as I'm out of Pyrodex, gonna try some triple 7. All the other stuff, I stick with TC, they are the ones who started it all, and in my opinion, they and Knight perfected it, and made it totally realiable. The closed breech can take the rain all day, and still no worries. It's just sad ta see a fella come in tired and disappointed with the sahran wrap wet, saying it misfired on him & it sure was a nice looking critter, LOL.
    TC No. 13 cleaner, Bore Butter, & a whole lot of patches. I'd get one of the starter kits from them, and a BP substitute either Pyrodex or Triple 7.

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    Luke Clayton here. Here's a formula that will work great for you. I learned it from Larry Weishuhn a few years ago when the Omega first came out:
    3 pyrodex TRIPLE SEVEN, or regular Pyrodex, pellets equals 150 grains (or 150 grains of loose Pyrodex or Triple Seven) and the 250 grain SHOCK WAVE TC Sabots... shoot her in 3 inches high at 100 and your groups will be about 5 inches below point of hold at 200... I've killed lots of game with the Omega, really like them but the Triumph is out now and it's the one I'm hunting with. Good luck
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    I have an encore and firehawk. They shoot great with 2 pellets and conicals.