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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Krauseb, Oct 27, 2006.

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    Hey all,
    I'm planning on getting a new catfish set up and I am looking for cost effectiveness with good casting distance. Here is what I'm looking at. Gander Mountian super store just openned up here in Huntsville, AL. They have a 10' MH rod (can't remember the mfg. but I think Shakespeare), with an open face spinning reel combo. The reel is pretty good sized. I'm a little in the air about line weight to put on if I get this setup. I do almost all my catfishing from the shore with my two young boys so need something I can get way out into the lake. I want some strength in the line, but I also need casting distance.

    Should I use 15#, 20#, 30#, or 50# line? How much weight shold I use? Currently I use Eagle Claw 2/0 snell hooks usually baited with cut shad and sometimes I sling off the bait. Would a treble hook hold the bait more secure, or is it my casting that needs to be changed.

    I know I have 100's of questions ... I have only been catfishing for about 3 months now and have very little experience. I have only caught 3 channel cats (3#, 3.5#, and 1#) off of Nightcrawlers. I've tried chicken livers, chickenhearts with curry and garlic salt, and cut shad (had a bite off the shad but didn't land it) with no luck. Tried the store bought baits with no luck either (most of them I fling off the hook while casting).

    So basically ... is the above setup "cat-worthy", if so what line weight and what are the best producing baits. I'm not looking for the monster cat just yet, just some consistency in catching them for right now.

    Thank a bunch guys
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    Montgomery, Alabama
    It should work, I have a Shakespeare Tidewater Freeliner spinning reel on a 8'' MH rod, with 20 lb test line so I dont see why it wont work. my reel is a baitrunner thou.

  3. Mickey

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    Buy the rig that seems to fit your type of fishing. Start with 20# Berkley Big Game line and adjust up or down as needed. You might want to revisit the Gander Mountain store and handle several types of fishing rigs,before you make up your mind. Ask the store sales rep. for advice. Good Luck with your choises and good fishing.
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    Since I lost my Tiger combo to the river last week, I will be investing in a couple new combos soon. This is what I would like to get. 7' HM ugly sick because they are without a doubt the toughest rod for the $. Abbu 6000 baitcaster, also at $60 a great value. As for line and such is personal oppinion. This is what I normally use. 30# cajun line. It's inexpensive, strong, and casts well. 5/0 kahle hooks. And, as far as weights, I use between 1oz, and 5oz depending on current and conditions. I keep a few 8oz around incase I need them, but haven't yet, and I fish the Missouri river mostly. Hope this helpful.