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Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by txcatfisher, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. txcatfisher

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    what is the best rod out there right now to buy i have berkley big game rods im thinkin of changing my rods what would be a good suggestion :big_smile:
  2. peewee williams

    peewee williams New Member

    I ain;t smart enough to know the best,being I have not tried them all.I am quite sure there are some that are.I love my Gator made custom rod best of all.I like my Diawa Beef Stick's,Bass Pro's POWER PLUS trophy Class and some that I have had for many years but do not think that they are made anymore.I wish you best in the quest you are on.I think fishermen have been looking for and arguing over this since time began.This question has been repeatedly answered on here by those that profess to know such things.Just read the other threads and post if no one comes forward with a answer.I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee

  3. kingdawes

    kingdawes New Member

    I think that it is all dependent on what suits your needs. I think for the money most people would say that ugly stik tiger rods are going to be the best way to go. There are alot of variables to think of when choosing a rod. I just recently purchased an 8' ugly stik and a 12' big water ugly stik. One I need for distance casting from the bank and the other for where ever catfishing. I am looking at getting a boat so I will be getting a couple tiger rods for that purpose.
    As you can see I seem to favor the ugly stiks. There are a lot of different rods to select from gather all the info you can and then see what wich one suits your needs.
    I hope I helped I little
  4. neocats

    neocats New Member

    There is not "best rod" out there in my opinion. Some rods will not be suitable for you type of fishing. I am an Okuma fan. Mine can easily handle 40 pound catfish, but they also take the fun out of catching the smaller channels I sometimes catch. But I believe in being prepared to catch the biggest cat in the water.
  5. StormCaster

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    New York
    G Loomis, Surf Jetty Lamiglas, Triflex Lamiglas, and Rainshadow blanks.
  6. bumper

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    It really depends on the size fish you're after and how much money you want to spend. American Spirit nite sticks and pro series are good rods for the money(20 to 45$ depending on model), so are the Shakespeare tigers(a little more expensive).