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Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by FireWater, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. FireWater

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    OK, I got my reels now what rods. I am going to buy four of the same rods. I will be fishing off a boat 99.9% of the time. I am going for the big boys. I would like the cost of each rod to be around $45.00. The reels that I will be using are AG 5000/5500/7000. I have read over and over all the information on this form and my mined it about to pop. Please help me pick a good rod to go with. The reason for the same rods is just to make it easy. 7' 8' or 9' rods.. MH or H... :crazy:

    Thanks and sorry for the same type of questions over and over....

  2. Rhinospawn

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    North Dakota
    I would suggest King Kat rods in 7"- 8" for the boat fishing. I have tangled with many 20+ myself and others on the board have delt with as high as 70+.. I really believe for the money (about $20-25). these really hold up great. I have many in each length for different situations.

    Good luck and Good Kattin!!!!!!

  3. rushing

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    AM SPIRIT NITE STICK PRO 7ft 6in CAST, MH $44.95 @ Catfish Connection

    That would be my choice for that price range.
  4. Dreadnaught

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    Penn makes an excellent rod called the Roddy Gatortail, It is the same Blank as the tiger (color and all), the same eyes, the same butt and, the same fore grip. But they sell for about 25.00 less than the Tiger abiout 39.00. All of my rods are for use in a boat and I never use a rod over 7' because you loose leverage as the rod gets longer, mine are all M/H. I have 2 of them and love them.