New rod and an old Penn 9M

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by TexDan, Jun 29, 2008.

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    I recently got a gift certificate (Fathers Day) to one of the big name tackle stores. After some consideration it went to an Ugly Stick Tiger rod (Med Action, 2 piece, 20 to 50 lb line, ½ to 6 oz lure) and 300 yards of 65 lb Spider Wire Stealth braid. I slapped a Penn 209 on the Tiger, spooled the 300 yards of 65 lb braid on it and am extremely pleased with the balance and feel. After shuffling reels around I ended up with an empty 10’ Cabela’s MH casting rod. You know, you can’t have a lonely rod sitting around naked!!

    I thought about buying a new reel but actually I need another new reel about like I need another belly button. (Hi! I’m Dan and I’m a tackle-haulic!) I looked around and my eyes fell on one of my Dads reels. It was in almost new condition and with a quick cleaning it was as good as new. It is a Penn 9M which isn’t talked about much but is an outstanding little reel. I loaded 300yards of 30lb Power Pro on it tied on a 2 oz weight and carried out a 3oz and gave it a few tosses. I had forgotten how well these reels cast when you have enough weight on the keep the line running out. This is going to make a great medium to med-heavy catfish rod. With the 3 oz weight, 100yards is more of a pitch than a really hard cast…Of course there wasn’t any bait to offer wind resistance. The rod is rated from 1 to 6 ounce so if I need more weight it can handle it.

    The Penn 9M is to a Penn 209, about what an ABU 6500 is to an ABU 7000. It has maybe a slightly larger line capacity than the Abu 6500 but not enough to brag about. It is like all of the Penn level wind reels and is tough as nails and dependable. (Do the new Penns still include a replacement level wind pawl under a cap on the left side of the reel?)

    Penn reels are not impressive to look at but they get the job done with little complaint. They wouldn’t be my first choice for casting lures. I am not sure how they would do if you were casting them a couple hundred times a day. For bait fishing they are great. I’m not real big on bearings on this kind of reel and even my ABUs tend more toward the bushing reels. (I have an old 5000B that I got for a birthday present 40 years ago and it’s still going strong.) If you don’t need or want the line capacity or weight of a 209 or 309 this is a reel you might think about.

    Best of ALL I bought 1 new rod and ended up with 2 new set ups to play with!!!! I will do a report on the 2 piece Tiger after I have used it for a little while.
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    Dan, I have two of the same setups with the old Penn 209's on tigers(one piece). I also have four Penn 9's on the old cheap ugly stick cat rods, that I use for lake fishing! I just learned that the 9's love 3oz weights, and them little babies can sling with just the motion of the cast! Good luck!!!!!!!:cool2:

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    Great choice on the Penn 9. These are very capable reels in a fisherman's hands. I would believe that your Dad approves of you using his equipment. There is a lot of enjoyment in His legacy, for you.

    You caught my eye with the "(Hi! I’m Dan and I’m a tackle-haulic!)". I must confess that since my early days of fishing, say six years old, I always knew the best rod and reel was the next one I was going to buy. I purchased my first Penn, a 109, when I was 15. It still fishes, and so do I. The only difference is that you can almost put a "0" behind the six, for age. Let's just say I have aquired a few more Penn's, just to hold the itch down.
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    the penn 9 was the first reel i ever learned to take apart and could probley do it blind folded i have and old 309 that i rebuilt (well still working on) i cleand and polised all the chrome side plates,worm gaurd,and handle plus all the other chrome going to put a new drag stack in it clean and lube it up and it will be good to go.

    congrats on ur new setups and they will take care of you if u take care of them.penn reels are bullit proof and will last a life time. good luck buddy