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New River Flathead Catfish

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Does anyone fish the New River? I fish it around Hinton, Thurmond and Prince we always catch a few fish. No monsters but we have a good time.
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i havent fished the new in awhile but i used to do really well on tuna.i take a old pair of my girls pantyhose wrap a ball of tuna in a piece use fishen line to tie run a circle hook through it.caught a lot of channels that way sometimes a few carp..let me know how it works if u try it.good luck .
Jbird711, I tried the tuna yesterday morning and I actually caught fish no catfish but two nice 20# plus carp. I was amazed at the way the fish would grab this and not let go. WOW!!!!!!!
I am going to Meadow Creek this weekend w/ a few buddies. We're gonna run trot lines and pole fish through the night. Hopefully, we find some fish. I will keep you all informed on how the trip goes.
For many years i've heard of using soap to catch cats. Don't know if it works or not never tried it ??? I did find this story about fishing the New River with soap. ENJOY...

If anyone does any good let me know !
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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