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Discussion in 'Sinker Making Institute' started by Bigballer, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Bigballer

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    So when you guy's go to the salvage yard to get lead what are you looking for. Guess I'm just stupid but the only thing I know is made out of lead is the wheel weights. What else would I be looking for? Or do they kind of keep the lead in one area of the lot? Just wondering. I have emailed and called all the local plumber shops in my area and the cheapest they have lead is $3.50 lb. So thought I would try the salvage yards. How do the salvage yards sale it to you? Do they charge you by the pound or bucket full or how do they do it? Thanks guy's.
  2. catfishrollo

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    I have bought it by the pound, and by the bucket full. I have been paying 20 dollars for a 5 gal. bucket full of tire weights the last few times off a tire company. Another place to consider looking is roofing companys. They often get into lead sheeting sometimes.... Goodluck to ya... rollo


    TIM HAGAN New Member

    Most salvage yards will not sale you lead as they send it all over seas. Some tirs shops will sale wheel weight but you have to watch that as more and more of them are not lead anymore and as of July this year they will no long be making wheel weights out of lead so that will die out so after that. I but my lead by the ton for a suppler and i have to take that much every month to keep the deal with them. You can look on ebay it runs around 1.00 a pound there. If i start to get over stocked with lead i may offer some up for sale on my site
  4. hdfatboy29

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    indianapolis water company will give you lead pipe they replace underground if you want to haul it off i,ve got mine there and usually get about 100 to 200 lbs at a time but they dont always have it if their not in an area their not replacing some old piping just a try and you can use old batterys too i,ve done that just becareful around the acid in them and rinse the heck out of it with a solution of baking soda and water to kill the rest of the acid. and melt it outside. hope this helps god bless

    JUMPER New Member

    You can also try recycling centers, they sell it for 50 cents a pound around me. I hit up the tire shops if I have any buddies working at them also.
  6. Jeremy Sheffey

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    Columbus, Ohio
    tire shops is the only places i have found it, i paid $10 per 5 gallon bucket this last time.
  7. karaep

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    Greenville, NC
    I buy mine at a recycling/salvage yard. They sell it to me for 0.65 a pound. I agree with Tim and don't suggest using tire weights.
  8. Littlejoe

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    we have been getting quite abit from local gas stations
    will have to save up if they stop making it. Thanks for the tip
  9. dparsons21

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    Bessemer, Alaba
    I get my lead from where I work. I work for a medical/surgical equipment refurbisher. There are lot of lead applications in the medical field (think radiation) this stuff is pure grade A Pb. I usuall get about 40 lbs every two weeks of scrap. Once a piece breaks, they basically throw it away because they wont cast another piece.
  10. playin4funami

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    Saronville Ne.
    It's all about the connections! Once you use the soft lead you won't like wheel weights at all for a lead source. Usually pay by the lb. and the prices fluctuate with the going market rate,they do prefer you to buy 500 or more lbs. at a time to make it worth their time,but if you have a connection at the scrap yard you can usually make a deal. I wouldn't mess with car batteries myself,unless you have proper recovery systems your washing all kinds of nasty chemicals and polutents into your own ground and groundwater,plus you could really get hurt when cutting open the plastic case that is full of sulfuric acid,one good splash or spray and you are blind,no thanks. I take old car batteries to our scrap yard and get 8.00 each for them,and just use the car battery money to buy soft lead pipe from the scrapyard.
  11. Bigben

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    i just got lucky today i just bought 200lbs for $160.00 and they are already molded in to small ingots all i did was took an ad out in the local paper
  12. 4bratsdad

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    illinois springfield area
    around me most scrap yards want .75 a pound if you can get that medical lead mentioned before , most of it i see fits into a lee pot and its clean already, im trying to find a way to contact this medical supplier to find out how i can buy their used stuff, they scrap it for .10 a pound id gladly give double that.
  13. fmb

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    i get most of my lead from scrap yards....but i have found "free" lead all over the place!!!!! ok plummers are running dry on old lead pipes so that really don't work anymore....but construction crews doing remodels are a super unknown source around here....I got 400 pounds for free from a crew tearing out an old doctor office....any xray room will have an average of 300-1,000pounds of lead in the one room!!!!! dentist offices are the same way....I just started calling around and scored big!!!!! as they have to pay to dump the lead and cannot legally sell it...I don't think i will ever have to buy lead again...hope this helps
  14. plainsman

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    I was lookin on Craigs list, found a guy with 2000lbs of lead for .25 per lb. I got 320 lbs for 80 bucks. Problem is he says local pick up only, he wants to get rid of it. The lead appears to be bullets pulled out of a bullet trap at a range. I hope its better quality than wheel wts, I can get them for free when I buy new tires. I will see soon.
  15. muddymo

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    western iowa
    watch for someone taring down or remodeling an old house. Lead once was use for flashing on the roof for and also in the pluming. also check old hardware stores and small lumberyard that have been there a long time. Some times they have stuff like that still laying around from when it was a more common building material.
  16. Mic

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    Cedar Creek, Tx
    I got 4 bricks of lead that are 50 lbs each for a remodel project. The building had some old vet hoods that were being replaced. The bricks were used as the counter weights. If you can find an "older" retiring plumber, they always have old lead pipes and stuff laying around.

    Hospital remodels are another good place to find lead. Althogh, I don't know if it's safe. But then, how sake is lead ?

  17. Fatman

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    Lead from Batteries personally I'd forget it except for the terminals which are pure lead, just remember what ever you tear apart you have to get rid of the cases and I don't care how much baking soda you use you'll never neutralize all the acid and when you melt it those are some NASTY fumes!!!!

    Most Range lead is harder than tire weights as most of the guys add antimony or tin to harden it for shooting.

    Tire weights if you can get them from a salvage yard, some will sell them some not. Some yards have old sheet lead which is usually pure.

    A great place to get lead is to find old sailboats!!!!! The ballasts are lead although if you can get them they're a pain in the butt to cut up.

    Ebay can be a crap shoot unless you find a dealer that tells the truth about the lead. I've talked to several guys on other fishing boards that have regretted buying it.

    Check shooting sites on the web in their sale sections.