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Discussion in 'Kayaker and Canoe Fishing' started by CatHunterSteve, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. CatHunterSteve

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    Snowville, Va
    We got a 16' Fiberglass Canoe this week-end at an auction! A little heavy but managable, I loaded it by mysely on the top of the truck bed cover, one of the aluminum camper cap things, and in pretty good shape. Not sure about how durable a fiberglass caone will be, suitable for the river? or just the lake? but it I think it will be something fun for me and the wife to work on and use and the price was great, only $100.00. I wold like to make the bottom side a little stronge, they seem to be a little weaker than an place else on the boat.
    Good project, but I got a lot of learning to do!
    Any suggestions would be appriciated!:big_smile:
  2. rush_60

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    Troy, KS
    I have a fiberglass one. Just remember to haul them on their top. I didn't know better and hauled it on the bottom and that created the weak spot on mine.

  3. Mark J

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    I'd be careful how I left it laying for extended periods.
    That goes for any glass boat. If they aren't properly supported they'll take on all kinds of shapes.