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    How many times have you hit your Knee or Shin on the trailer hitch? If your like me way to many time. This products take's the hurt of that for good.

    The Shin & Knee Protector

    The Shin & Knee Protector. I know most are like me, you
    have walked into your trailerhitch. And know how bad that
    feels. This product saves your Shin or Knee if you do that
    again. It has a Durable Rubber 1 Full inch cushioning, that
    goes around the hitchand ball of your hitch. Its easy to put
    on. I had one on mine in less then 2 minutes. So for the ones
    that has or the ones that going to walk into the hitch. Its $$
    that will make you smile each time you hit the hitch


    Thanks for looking, We at Wild Wolf Products hope each and every one of you has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years..