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    Yes we added 4 new products to our website.

    Here are some new products I found and think they will be of
    great use to fisherman and Duck Hunters.
    Fish Grippers

    The fish grippers work great and the 4 colors are Blue, Green,
    Orange and Glow in the Dark. The glow in the dark ones I
    held in front of a Halogen Light for 2 minutes at 8pm; at 5 am
    the nextmorning they were still glowing enough to allow you
    to find them. They FLOAT and only weigh in at 4 oz. There's
    a lanyard to allow you to hold on to the fish grips if you can't
    hold on tothem and have a hole for your scales for getting the
    weight of the fish. I picked up a 52 lb bucket of lead sinkers
    with them and that weight did not eventwist them. I was
    swinging the bucket and rotating it like a fish would do and
    they did not even know that weight was on them.The Fish
    Grippers will be a great addition to anyone's tackle box or
    boat. They would also make the perfect gift for the fishermen
    that needs a greatproduct. They allow anyone to lift a fish
    and not have to handle the fish.

    The Tension Adjustable Brackets

    The Tension Adjustable Brackets come in three colors, Black,
    Green, and White. They're adjustable to allow for different size
    handles; they fit handles from 1 1/4"-1 3/8" outside diameter.
    They are great for Push Poles for the ones that get into shallow
    water, landing nets, paddles, running lights or any product with
    a handle.

    The Gator Foot

    The Gator Footis for people that use a push pole. These are
    built tough and fit most 1 1/4" diameter snap button type push
    poles. These will not rust and adaptsto most round poles. They
    can be mounted on other poles with a bolt and nut. They're
    lighter, stronger and quieter then other models and the green
    color is molded into the product. The foot locks closed for
    storage and unlocks easy for use.

    The Shin & Knee Protector

    The Shin & Knee Protector. I know most are like me, you
    have walked into your trailerhitch. And know how bad that
    feels. This product saves your Shin or Knee if you do that
    again. It has a Durable Rubber 1 Full inch cushioning, that
    goes around the hitchand ball of your hitch. Its easy to put
    on. I had one on mine in less then 2 minutes. So for the ones
    that has or the ones that going to walk into the hitch. Its $$
    that will make you smile each time you hit the hitch

    The shipping is set for CA and such, so anyone near me. I will have to give you a rebate on the shipping. As for now the shopping cart does not allow me to set up different levels of shipping. But I will get that taken care of soon.

    Thanks for looking, We at Wild Wolf Products hope each and every one of you has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years..