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Discussion in 'Bluegill Fishing' started by cathouse, Apr 17, 2007.

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    I picked up a great light action pole from BP its from their micro lite series its actually a float n fly rod for smallmouth bass its 8' rated for 4-10 pound test IM6 composite super sensitive i have dubbed it the "BREAM REAPER" and it was only 19.99 on sale it could easily handle trout or even steelhead with a quality reel it put the screws to a few steelies already one sweet deal ill tell you i mated it with a daiwa metal series reel in the 2500 series oh it has the xps balance sytem to balance that baby right out bream beware to top it off segaur flouro carbon pro line in 4lb. test for pan fish 6lb. for steelies just because of the steam rocks and such. never been so itchy to go gill ropin since i was a kid .oh yeah and it will throw the lite stuff you know teeny tiny jigs.
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    Chris congrats on your new equipment. Sounds like you are ready to go. Keep us posted on how it works and let see some pics of the fish you catch with it.:lol: :big_smile: