New personal best flathead catfish.

Discussion in 'Member Braggin Area' started by flatheadsteven, Oct 4, 2006.

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    We found a new hole today, just before it started rainin and I caught my new personal best. A 38 lb flathead. I Caught him on a 10 inch sucker. Goin back to that spot early in the morning if its not raining. Here's the whole story:

    We went out at about 4 pm. Had some suckers, chubs and a few small carp for bait. I decided to go try a spot i had found monday. It's a rip rap that has large bolders, trees and timber laying in about 3-15 ft of water. I got a big sucker out of the bait bucket and baited up my first rod and threw it out right next to a large stick sticking out of the water. Got all my other poles baited up and threw them out. About 15 min later i heard the clicker on my first pole I threw out by the stick go tick,tick,tick and i thought it was just the sucker. But it kept goin so i picked up the rod and turned the clicker off and then felt the weight of the fish pulling. So i set the hook on it and could tell it was a good fish. Fought it for about 5 min and my friend got it in the net. I then put it on a stringer and called my dad to bring the camera and scale down to the spot. We caught two more smaller ones about 5 pounds before he got there. After photographing and weighing it, I turned it loose and a few min later it started to rain. So we left and are planning on goin back in the morning to catch some more.

Thread Status:
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