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well i havent been catfishin much since my last post, i fished the tournament @ 701 and that is about the last time i been to big pee dee. the bream fishin on little pee dee has been on fire and the water is super low, there are sand bars everywhere. the little bit of rain that we have had lately has brought it up a little over a foot, weve been praying for more rain. i went cattin monday night and got to the landing at about 8:00 and started bream fishin. before the water started coming up the bream were biting so good you had to hide behind a tree to bait your hook, me and daddy went one day last week and came home with 60 bream big enuff we had to cut their heads off with a bush axe and scale em with a hoe! we caught about 300 fish that day, we even caught a couple of channel cats but since the water started coming up they have slowed way down. i only had about 20 mins to bream fish before it got dark, they wouldnt bite a cricket so i pulled out the poppin bug and caught three as big as two hands and it was time to go. i had a dozen goldfish, 10 eels, and three bream. i went to my first hole i always catch fish in and sit there a while. i caught a 5 lb blue there and then the gars moved in and i had to move. that was really the only place i knew i could catch a fish, so i went huntin..... i stopped just above the slough to a big lake and set up there, had a couple of small bites and then the gars moved in, i moved up about 100 yards in the outside start of a curve and sandbar and anchored out again. had a couple of live eels, cut eels and a live bream and a bream head out. all the holes i fished were deep coves on one side and came up to a 3-4 ft flat and then up to a sandbar on the other side. i sat there about 10 mins and at 3:45 am the rod i had the bream head on slammed down, i got it out the rod holder and it was on like donkey kong.... he went straight from the flat to the deep water which was right under the boat. i thought he was gonna come in pretty easy till he got just about to the boat and he shot under the boat like a rocket and was steady pulling drag and i got all my drags set as tight as they will get to keep the fish from pulling drag and getting me hung up but it didnt work this time. he went under the boat and tangled up two rods and then he went for the anchor rope. kept him out of it and finally got him to the top of the water and like always my net was under everything else in the boat, and i was by myself again. but i guess thats what makes it fun. got him in the boat and weighed him and the scales settled on 31 lbs. which is a new PB for me and in my last thread about little pee dee i said i was gonna fish little pee dee till i got me a 30 lb and i did it. sat there a little while longer and didnt have anymore bites and moved to the next hole i found. caught a couple of channels in there with goldfish and finished the night out in that hole. i left at about 8:00 i had 4 cats in the boat and probably lost about 10 more in the last hole, i dont know if they were biting short like a bass will do or if the hook didnt get them in the mouth good. ive never had a problem with the hook not gettin em good but i have had them to tear out right at the boat so maybe thats what happened... a couple of weeks ago my buddy set hooks at that same landing and caught ten flatheads and one of them weighed 78lbs, ive got the pic on my phone but im tryin to figure out how to upload it


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