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    I was sitting there watchin' my poles and one of 'em bent over just a little. I jumped up and grabed it thinking I finally got my first catfish of the year. It was givin' a good fight but I knew it was a small one. That's better than none! Next thing I know the dang thing comes jumpin out of the water! Another stinkin' BASS! :smile2:I was a little disappointed but just for a second because I could see it was a big ol' bass. I fought him for a minute or so before I got him in. He put up a good fight but was no match for the 8' catfish rod. I'd liked to have hooked him on something smaller but I'm not complaining. I grabbed him by the lip and got out the ruler. 19 inches! Beat my best by a whole inch! I didn't have a scale with me but I'd guess he was between 3 & 4 pounds. I'm glad the catfish equipment finally got some action.
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    19 inches means about 10 pieces of cut bait :smile2:. Congrats on the large mouth.