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    Hey guys went out friday night and caught only three but 3 good ones they were!!! We start off with my buddy drew who was with me casting out and bang my pole goes down he grabs on and the FIGHTS ON!! hes bring it in and when it gets to the boat we cant lift it up its stuck on some sort of submerged objecty or tree....20 minutes and im thinking "Am I really going to jump in and get this sucker!!!!" so I open the bale and it starts humming running off then boom its free and starts coming to the surface I get a peak on it and there it is my buddy drew PB it was a 8-9# I will be posting pics tomm... What a fight and what a fish for that lake!!! shortly after within ten minutes i boat on 2 six#'rs but the camera died after the first one forgot to charge it KNUCKLEHEAD!